U13 Regional Tournament Info

Are you looking for information on the U13 Tournament we’re holding September 28-29?

We are hosting the U13 Regional Tournament for the third consecutive year. This is a great way for newcomers to stop-clock basketball in a representative setting to also learn about the differences regarding preparation for tournament play. Every game will be run with 8 minute stop-clock quarters at Cowles Stadium

The draw is posted on on Tournament Draws’ page (in the competitions sub-menu) but can also be found by clicking here. Updated Sunday Draw (with teams entered): U13 Sunday Schedule


In addition to being a chance for new players to enjoy tournament basketball, parents and family members will also be exposed to scorebenching. Each game will be recorded and scored with Glory League (so all participants will receive video of their game afterwards), and will use BBNZ/FIBA Scorebench techniques (except for ones related to scoresheets). See the following helpful information for all of these aspects:


This year each team will play four games with the following formats, in three separate competitions (there are two boys competitions which will be run, both at the same level of competitiveness):

Boys’ Competition X

  • Five Teams
  • Round Robin (four games each)


Boys’ Competition Y

  • Four Teams
  • Round Robin (three games each)
  • 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 (fourth game each)


Girls’ Competition

  • Six Teams – two pools of Three teams
  • Round Robin in each pool (two games each)
  • 1A vs 2B, 1B vs 2B, 3A vs 3B (third game each)
  • Teams matched up to try and play similar level after this (fourth game each)



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