Weekend Duty Draws & Grids

Mike Townsend attacks the rim

The draw for each round of weekend games gets sent to all who have had the email address registered when entering teams (i.e. coaches and administrators). If you wish to be included in the weekly list as well, please email james@canterbury.basketball to inform him.

In addition to the email, the draw will also be published on this page as soon as they are made public.

If you are interested in having a go at refereeing (or someone in your team/club is) please contact richard@canterbury.basketball and an appropriate game will be assigned to start.


Club contacts receive the list of unfinancial players throughout the season – a reminder that if an ineligible player takes the court, that game will be forfeited.


2023 Weekend Draws (Grid, with Duty):

26 August Senior Finals Day Draw

2023 Winter Club Formats -July Update

2023 CBA weeks of play (each numbered week is when games will be scheduled in your grade)

Allow people to be added late (a short note detailing why we are currently allowing people to be added late to a game roster)

For official tie-breaker procedures please see the Official FIBA Rules (Classification of teams – page 78)

All draws and results (without duty) can be found by clicking here

5 – 6 August Duty Draw

Glory League Scoring Instructions