Coach Development

We have a Community Coach Manager (Lori McDaniel) who is responsible for providing development opportunities for coaches, and help marry up teams and clubs with openings, and coaches looking for new challenges.

Please contact Lori to have your details added to our coaches database, to ensure that you are contacted when a clinic or other development opportunity that may interest you is coming up.

Links to useful documents and files will be posted from time to time, and can all be accessed by clicking here


Introduction to Basketball Coaching

This course is for people new to coaching and interested in learning about coaching philosophy, behaviour management techniques, basic basketball skills, and practice and game plans.


BBNZ Kiwi Hoops Course/

The CBA will be running Kiwi Hoops coaching courses for those new to the sport, or coaching children between the ages of 5 and 12. This course consists of a 90 minute theory session, and a 90 minute practical session. The theory portion of the Kiwi Hoops Course covers the same topics as the Intro to Basketball Coaching Course.

FIBA Level One Course

The second is a new initiative from BBNZ. The former “Community Hoops’ coaching course has now been updated to a FIBA Level One Certification and will be registered with FIBA and recognized internationally. This qualification is required for any coach wishing to lead a team at a Regional or National Representative Tournament in New Zealand. BBNZ has also stated that all school teams competing at a National Championship Tournament need their coach to hold this certification. Prior learning will not be applied here, so all current coaches are urged to gain the certificate.

The FIBA Level One Course consists of two separate four hour sessions (either split over two days a week apart, or as a whole day session)

Once registered for either course our Community Coach Manager Lori McDaniel will ensure you you receive all the information once your place is confirmed. If you do have any questions, please contact



Coach Developer and Mentor Course

Clubs will nominate people to attend a CBA run course that will outline the criteria for mentoring coaches and providing them with feedback and development strategies.

The mentor coach will then select coaches in their community to provide a minimum of four hours of development to via mentoring, feedback, meetings and observations.

This development will be tracked and recorded by the mentor coach and submitted to the CBA

For more information on this, please contact your club administrator


Lori will be available on November on Wednesday afternoons to run some Miniball and Junior Coach development around Christchurch.

December 7 and 8 Lori will be heading around the South Island to deliver courses on behalf of other associations – keep an eye on your local association website if she will be there.