Glory League

Glory League provides an automated camera system which we use to create our “plays of the week” videos, as well as being our official record of scores in each game. Please contact your club administrator to register your email address on the system, if you do not currently have access.

Please remember to share/tag/comment on any exciting plays on Glory League so we can find the best highlights a little more easily to collate! If your team is on duty, please make sure you are tagging as accurately as possible – I’ve noticed a few games where random players were given the points for their team. This is our official record of games, which does have information passed on to news outlets based off of the information we see.


The technique to correctly score on the Glory League tablets:

  • scorer tap on the screen as soon as a shot goes up in the appropriate area of the court
  • caller then says “Make/Miss, Number XX”
  • scorer hits red or green and correct number accordingly
  • scorer double checks the physical scoreboard matches the tablet’s score

To log in to Glory League, please click here

Glory League Scoring Instructions 2019