All Draws & Results

The crowd is ecstatic during our 2017 Thomson Trophy Final

Printable Draws for all competitions we administer can be found below:

  • Weekend Club Competition: posted directly on this page (will restart in 2023)
  • McDonald’s Thomson and Whelan Competitions: will restart in Term Two (2023)
  • Midweek Competition – will restart in 2023
  • Cowles Miniball –Cowles Miniball Draw April 4th & 6th 2023
  • Cowles Y 7/8 – will restart in Term Two 2023
  • Cowles Y5/6 – will restart in Term Two 2023
  • Selwyn Miniball – Will publish their draws on their website here
  • Checkers Miniball (Bishopdale) – Miniball Week 6 Term 1 2023
  • Bishopdale YMCA Y5/6 and Y7/8 Draws: will restart in Term Two (2023)
  • Pioneer Basketball – draws for all their competitions can be accessed on their website here

All results from the competitions we provide schedules for can be seen by clicking here

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