Weekend Draw Info 24-25 June

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend waru

24 June – 16 July Duty Draw

This week’s notes:

  • On-court Warm-up – this should at least be five minutes (or more if games finish early). Teams and players are encouraged to find a space (which may be outside the building) to get a more comprehensive warm-up in (Warm Up » ACC Sportsmart has some ideas here if needed)

  • Food and Drink – please remind all of your team members (and spectators) that food and drink (apart from water) is not allowed in most of the gyms we utilise. Shirley/Avonside in particular has asked that this is reiterated to everyone that could use the venue on the weekend
  • Bench Referee Reminder – Richard has been getting a really high proportion of confirmed appointments to games, but the odd issue does still occur when someone has to make a late withdrawal. If a Floor Controller requires a Bench Referee, failure to do so can make the team responsible for a fine (up to $250)

  • Mouthguards – it is the responsibility of the team to ensure players are wearing these (in our U20 grades and below, and everyone who is aged under 18). A reminder that they must be in mouths when the ball is live – not hanging out or in socks, shorts or singlets. Our referees have the right to remove players from the game if they deem it necessary, and can administer Technical Fouls. 2.14 Rules Applicable to BBNZ Competitions (Book 3, Page 10) j. Mouthguards:
    • i. It is compulsory for all players participating in all age grade (under 19’s and below) competitions, leagues and tournaments run by BBNZ and its members to wear a protective mouthguard when they are on court and the game is in play.
    • ii. The No Mouthguard, No Play Policy is to be firmly enforced.
  • Consideration to Move Up/Down – We will be making a few changes in our junior sub-grades that will take place after the July Holidays.
    • Canterbury Rams vs Otago Nuggets – The penultimate Rams’ home game is on Thursday night (22 June) – feel free to use the 10% discount link your club/team contact has, and see Corey Webster’s first game as a Ram!


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