Midnight Basketball Workshop

Do you know a organisation/company/person who has a story to tell or who can run a workshop that would benefit these young kids? 

What is Midnight Basketball?

It has been a huge success working with our at risk youth in the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Christchurch, a predominantly low socio-economic Māori and Pasifika population. We operate on concepts of Mana, a Māori term that depicts how respect, trust, authority and responsibility are transferred from each individual.

Another key for gaining enthusiasm and to get kids there, is by recognizing key stakeholders in the community. We aligned ourselves with several alternative education programs, youth workers and social workers who are currently doing amazing work in the community and have created positive relationships and have a lot of influence over the kids we are trying to target.

What we need…

Do you know a organisation/company/or person who has a story to tell or who can run a workshop that would benefit these young kids? Then this would be the place to do it.

We are in search of organisations/companies or someone to come and do a workshop or kōrero to these young kids.

Whether its based on your previous life experiences, something these kids can relate to or even something they can learn from to put towards their future; then we would love to hear from you and your stories and what you can bring to these kids!

Does this interest you? 

If this interests you then please get in contact with our Midnight Basketball admins.

Eastern Midnight Basketball (Cowles Stadium) – Rebecca Moon: referees@canterbury.basketball

Western Midnight Basketball (Hornby High School) – Tyla Harrison-Hunt: tyla@crossovercoachnz.com

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