2019 AGM Recap

Missed the AGM, or want to review the slides from our meeting – you’ve come to the right place

The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 26 March 2019. The highlight of the night was definitely the induction of five new life members:

  • Sandra French
  • Jamie Graham
  • Faith Harrison
  • Cathy Hyland
  • Piet Van Hasselt

We also had to bid farewell to Simon-Pierre Mbonyinshuti and Alan Harrison from the CBA Board. These two have now retired after serving the maximum two terms. An election was held with Fionna Chapman and Diane Fenika being voted in as new members.

More detail was provided when reviewing the slides below. Of particular note, any clubs or schools with interest in the poster fundraising opportunity should email Paul Duggan. Barry Dent advised that the board wished to remove the motion to delete and replace Clause 21.4 until more information was gained. Specifically regarding being assured we would still be affiliated with BBNZ.

All of the slides can be downloaded here, or viewed:


The official minutes will be saved on our documents page once published (estimated 29 March 2019)

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