Macca’s Week Ten Recap

Our Whelan Trophy playoff teams are now set, with another toe at the top of the standings

As was the case with the Thomson Trophy, Division Two in the Whelan Competition also featured a three-way tie for first. After using the FIBA classification procedures, The Avonside Lady Eagles finished first, Ellesmere second and Lincoln in third place.

Molly Cockburn led the way for Avonside with 24 points, and needed every one of them to come away with a 70-57 win, as Kenny Perkin’s Villa Maria team was only five points down late in the fourth quarter. Megan Shannon (15) and Bella Digby (14) also scored well for the Lady Eagles, while Casey Robinson (20) and Molly Grafton (13) headlined the Villa Maria effort. These two teams will face off against each other next week as well in a quirk of the draw, with Villa Maria qualifying in sixth place.

Lincoln High was too strong for Te Pā o Rākaihautū, beating them 60-16 to finish third. Four players all had exactly ten points each for Lincoln: Mandy Herman; Sophie Withell; Maria Mendoza and Samantha McCrone.

Middleton Grange held all of the Rangiora players under ten points each as they won 64-40, as a 19-2 start essentially decided the game. Sofia Kennedy (21) was well supported by Maia Williamson (12) and Fia Lai Kong (11). This win locks the gators into fifth overall place for 2018.

Rangi Rurulost on Tuesday to St. Andrew’s, but followed up with a 66-49 win over Kaiapoi. Rangi Ruru built a ten point lead in the second quarter, and never let the visitors get closer than that the rest of the way. Ashlee Strawbridge (19) was key in the win, with Connie Taylor (11) and Bailey Chamberlain (10) chiming in. Helen Mathews (19) and Sinead McConchie (17) scored well for Kaiapoi, but will now be locked into fourth place for semi-final night.

With no Thomson Trophy Division One games, Ashburton and St. Thomas locked up home semi-finals in Division Two, whilst Papanui and Cathedral College will be the two teams travelling for a chance to play in the Grand Final.

Whelan Division One has one more round before their playoffs begin, as does the Thomson Division Two competition. Thomson Division One and Whelan Division Two both have the top six teams involved in Quarter-Finals, with the three winning teams progressing, as well as the highest seeded losing team.

On August 15 the NZ Broadcasting School will be live-streaming two fantastic games from Cowles Stadium (free entry as well). A top four Whelan Matchup between Rangi Ruru and Christchurch Girls’ is scheduled to tip off at 6:30pm, with a boys’ Quarter-final matchup between the Shirley Boys’ High Spartans and Christchurch Boys’ following (scheduled to tip at 8:00pm).


Macca’s Week Ten Results

Thomson Division Two:

Linwood 96-86 Riccarton

St. Thomas 91-39 Rangiora New Life

Cathedral 97-48 Hornby

Ashburton 116-56 Lincoln

Papanui 86-79 Kaiapoi


Whelan Division One:

Middleton Grange 64-40 Rangiora

Christchurch Girls’ 66-48 Kaiapoi

Ashburton 86-50 Cashmere

St. Andrew’s 69-57 Rangi Ruru

Rangi Ruru 66-49 Kaiapoi


Whelan Division Two:

Ellesmere 90-38 St. Margaret’s

Lincoln 60-16 Te Pā

Hillmorton 55-49 Papanui (overtime)

Avonside 70-57 Villa Maria

Marian 80-68 Burnside


Picks last week: Whelan 10/10; Thomson 5/5

Year to date: Whelan 69/82; Thomson 74/93


Upcoming Games – all Tuesday 14 August unless noted. Picks (only for regular games) are underlined:

Whelan Division II

4:45pm #4 St. Margaret’s @ #3 Lincoln

5:15pm #6 Villa Maria @ #1 Avonside

5:15pm Papanui @ Marian (hosted at Cathedral) 7th place game

7:00pm Te Pā o Rākaihautū @ Burnside (hosted at Avonside) 9th place game

7:00pm #5 Hillmorton @ #2 Ellesmere


Whelan Division I

5:30pm Kaiapoi @ St. Andrew’s (Phil Burns Cup Challenge)

5:15pm Cashmere @ Rangiora

5:15pm Ashburton @ Middleton Grange

(Wednesday 15 August 6:30pm at Cowles Stadium) Christchurch Girls’ vs Rangi Ruru


Thomson Division II

4:15pm Rangiora New Life @ Papanui

5:15pm Ellesmere @ Linwood

5:15pm Riccarton @ St. Thomas

6:00pm Kaiapoi @ Ashburton

7:00pm Lincoln @ Cathedral


Thomson Division I

6:15pm #6 St. Andrew’s @ #1 Cashmere

7:00pm #5 Rangiora @ #2 Middleton Grange

7:00pm Burnside @ Christ’s College 7th place game

7:45pm St. Bede’s @ Hillmorton 9th place game (hosted at Cashmere)

(Wednesday 15 August 6:30pm at Cowles Stadium) #3 Shirley Boys’ vs #4 Christchurch Boys’

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