Weekend Draw Info 3/4 July 2021

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend iwa

The Weekend draws can be found on this page throughout the season. 3-4 July Draw

We would also like to congratulate the Wolverines Women’s Premier team, who won the Patron Trophy last weekend with a comeback win over LU.

Notes to be Aware of:

  • QEII Drivemay be closed for part of this weekend while filming a movie – so please plan your trip accordingly (5am – 12pm on Saturday and Sunday)
  • BU15 and MU20 Slots – We have been prioritising having U15 games later in the day, and MU20 in the middle band (12:10 and 1:45pm) primarily, but this had had adverse effects on teams being able to field teams of players who are out of school. Once the U15 grade comes back after the July Holidays we are planning to try and change this around for the last two weeks that most BU15 teams will be playing (i.e. prioritising them having the earlier timeslots)
  • Mouthguards – just a reminder for players to have these correctly in their mouth before taking the court (U20 and below) – the BBNZ policy can be read here
    • No mouthguards, no play
    • Any players that are not wearing a mouthguard, can be stopped from going onto the court until they are wearing it
    • Failure to wearing it may risk in the player to being substituted from the game or may not take any further part in the game
  • Referee Draw – the real-time version of this can be seen here – if you are able to help fill a gap please email rebecca@canterbury.basketball asap
  • 3X3.EXE – the next round of games is on this Sunday (4 July) – 7pm at Middleton Grange, or you can watch via the livestream


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