Registrations for the Term 1 2024 Signature League Open

For all U16, U18 and U20 players (from any association) aiming to trial for a rep or mainlands.

In partnership with Signature Homes North, CBA’s 2nd instalment of the “Signature-League” is set for Term 1 of 2024.

Signature League Term One 2024 Schedule

The Signature League is a development league for Players, Coaches and Referees in Canterbury Basketball’s extended Community.

The 2024 league will follow a similar format to 2023 and will provide players, coaches and referees within our community pathways the opportunity to develop in a high pressure, high support environment in the off-season. All Participants should understand this is an environment focused on learning and development. Players have the support of coaches, who are in turn supported by “Coach Developers” and games refereed by referees also participating in development programmes such as the Junior Referee Development Programme (JRD).

The five week evening leagues begin the week of January 29th in term 1 2024, with the final week of play Feb 29th for the Boys/Men’s League and March 5th for the Girls/Women’s League. (Note: No games Waitangi day)

Times and location (note players must arrive 30min early for “war room” and warm up:

U16 Boys: Thursday, 615pm tip off – 745pm finish @ Cowles

U18 and U20 Men combined: Thursday, 8pm tip off – 915pm finish @ Cowles

U16 Girls: Tuesday, 645pm – 815pm @ Cowles (except week 1 6pm tip off – 730pm finish, no games Feb 6th (Waitangi day)

U18 and U20 Women combined: Tuesday, 815pm tip off – 915pm finish @ Cowles (except week 1,  730pm tip off -830pm no games Feb 6th (Waitangi day).

Games will use a new structure of:

  • Six × 5min stop clock periods using overtime rules in rotating pools of 3,
  • scores reset at the end of each period,
  • 2 league points per period won, 1 per drawn and 0 for a loss,
  • All teams will have a 30min “war room” session prior to each game.

The Coaches for the League Are:

U16B-1 Campbell McClimont
U16B-2 Jacksyn Carson
U16B-3 Josh Potter
U16B-4 Matthew Robb
U16B-5 Raymond



Sloane (Assistant)

U16B-6 Scott Walklin
U16G-1 Saran Adams
U16G-2 Bhavna Prasad
U16G Dilshan Muthunaidelage
U16G-3 Hugo Clements
U18/20B-1 Glen Stevenson
U18/20B-2 Tom Manley
U18/20B-3 Blair Terrell
U18/20B-4 Adam Buckby
U18/20B-5 Jayden Cameron
U18/20G-1 Holly Parish
U18/20G-2 Sam Jenkins

Signature League Week One Schedule

Players will individually register into the boys or girls U16, U18 and U20 (for the 2024 rep season) divisions by the deadline of Friday January 26th. Initial registration is only available to those who participated in the 2024 representative or mainlands programme or those who are aiming to participate in. the 2024 mainlands or rep programmes. Coaches will then draft all registered players into even strength teams of 6-8 players. All players must wear their respective associations reversible singlet (The CBA Signature Reversible is the same year on year so no need to re-purchase unless you have outgrow or lost yours).  Players can register here.

Coaches will be selected from the pool of 2024 rep and mainland programme coaches developing along the CBA coach development pathway.

Referees will be selected from the engaged and committed pool of community referees and can sign up by clicking here.

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