2018 U13 Invitational Results

Results and links to photos will be posted here throughout the tournament

We will be updating this page throughout the tournament (29-30 September 2018). The full draw can be seen by clicking here.

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Photos taken over the course of the tournament can be seen in our Facebook album.


U13 Girls Results

West Coast 61-27 Canterbury White

Canterbury Red 74-15 Canterbury Grey (non-competition game)

Canterbury Black 51-28 North Canterbury

West Coast 89-21 Canterbury Grey

Canterbury Red 75-12 Canterbury Black (non-competition game)

Canterbury White 41-32 North Canterbury

Canterbury Black 43-20 Canterbury White

North Canterbury 43-42 Canterbury Grey

Canterbury Red 69-45 West Coast (non-competition game)

Canterbury Black 56-20 Canterbury Grey

West Coast 81-17 North Canterbury

Canterbury Red 71-21 Canterbury White (non-competition game)

West Coast 48-28 Canterbury Black

Canterbury Red 57-6 North Canterbury (non-competition game)

Canterbury White 40-30 Canterbury Grey

FINAL: West Coast 66-30 Canterbury Black


U13 Boys Results – Pool A

West Coast White 47-29 Canterbury Black

Canterbury Yellow 49-30 Eastern Southland

Canterbury Red 62-38 North Canterbury Maroon

Eastern Southland 44-40 North Canterbury Maroon

West Coast White 67-57 Canterbury Red

Canterbury Yellow 46-33 Canterbury Black

Canterbury Yellow 65-45 West Coast White

Canterbury Red 85-50 Eastern Southland

Canterbury Black 45-40 North Canterbury Maroon

Canterbury Yellow 70-34 North Canterbury Maroon

West Coast White 53-34 Eastern Southland

Canterbury Red 63-32 Canterbury Black

Canterbury Yellow 61-46 Canterbury Red

West Coast White 65-24 North Canterbury Maroon

Canterbury Black 59-52 Eastern Southland

QUALIFIED FOR FINAL: Canterbury Yellow


U13 Boys Results Pool B

Canterbury Blue 58-42 West Coast Red

North Canterbury White 59-50 Canterbury Grey

Canterbury White 60-41 Central Otago

Central Otago 47-32 Canterbury Grey

Canterbury White 49-40 Canterbury Blue

North Canterbury White 62-19 West Coast Red

Central Otago 41-18 West Coast Red

Canterbury White 56-40 Canterbury Grey

North Canterbury White 59-35 Canterbury Blue

North Canterbury White 42-26 Central Otago

Canterbury White 65-31 West Coast Red

Canterbury Grey 50-44 Canterbury Blue

Canterbury White 51-39 North Canterbury White

Canterbury Grey 70-49 West Coast Red

Canterbury Blue 54-47 Central Otago



BOYS FINAL: Canterbury Yellow 66-33 Canterbury White

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