August 25 Wrap

Bruce Martin recaps the Quarter-Final round in the Miles Toyota Premier Leagues, along with scores from Junior Finals Day

Written by Bruce Martin and James Lissaman, Photos captured by Joeman Chan and Ajiah pepe

While the younger members of the Association enjoyed a positive experience at Cowles Stadium participating in the new Junior Finals day there were still several surprises in store for the more senior players out at the Middleton Grange gym.

In the Men’s U23 University maintained top spot closely followed by Gators Green and the Lincoln University Bulls, although University was well challenged by Checkers before falling 84-90 after leading for a vast amount of the match.

Players standing out were Josh Petermann 26, Paul Stephenson 22 and Simon Reeves 13 for the students while national representative Toby Gillooly slotted a skilled 35 points for Checkers.

In the other MU23 early encounter at Cowles, Pioneer-Cashmere wrapped up the fourth and final semi-final spot with a comfortable 87-53 win over Atami Spartans through the efforts of Tom Russ-Hofmans 18, and Finn Barclay with 17 points. This set up and a date against University in this Saturday’s semi-final while Gators Green and the four-time defending champions from the Lincoln University Bulls match up in the other with one win each between them.

Pioneer-Cashmere, Atami and Checkers were tied on 26 points with Pioneer-Cashmere qualifying on countback with a 3-1 record in the tie.

The Lincoln University U23 Bulls were well challenged by Atami before winning 76-70 but the effort took its toll on LU as later in the day their team came up short against Atami in the Men’s Premier Quarter-final, losing 88-99 after Derek Albertsen (22) nailed back to back triple pointers in the final minute.

The game was played at an extremely high level by both teams, with 12 ties in the game, and was deadlocked at 71-71 as the final quarter started. Patrick Rodger (27), Zacc Dwan (23, 14 rebounds) and Joel Jeffrey with 16 points all played key roles for Atami. For Lincoln Ben Williams (21) was outstanding until forced to the bench when he received his fifth and final foul in the fourth quarter. Josiah Williams (15) Jayden Chan (14) and Ben Bowie (11, 14 rebounds) also had strong games, but the impressive Atami offence was too much to overcome (1.18 points per possession, to LU’s 1.09), finishing the LU men’s local season.

In the other quarter-final Pioneer outpaced Checkers 82-75 with Oli Davies’ strong attacking play around the boards to clip 28 points while inspirational leader Marty Davison added 17 and Nick Erwood 11. For Checkers Sam Riley was strong with 23 points, evergreen Pip Johnston contributed a handy 20 points and Jesse Kok added 11.

Such has been the unpredictable nature of the season sees the rare advent in the bottom two seeds will now match up against the top two seeds in Saturday’s semi-finals. University will play Atami and Gators, led by evergreen Dave Langrell will foot it with Pioneer Pacers.


The Women’s Premier quarter’s were a relative disappointment with the Pioneer Pacers and Minties both being short- handed. Halswell had too many guns for Pioneer Pacers, leading 32-22 at half-time through the efforts of Rachel Pullan (19), Alice Sproat (19) and Grace Love’s 16 points while Maja Burry (24) and Bianca Aguiar boxed on gamely, running the ball whenever possible against tall odds.

Wolverines re-joined the Women’s Premier League in 2015 and it has been a long hard struggle but the team is now starting to believe in itself and continued with their amazing finish to this season, outpointing a five man Minties squad 65-57 to clinch a semi-final berth against the strong Lincoln University.

Canterbury Wildcat Tessa Stewart-Morrison led the Wolverines efforts with 31 points while Sam Duggan’s 19 and Sarah Mason’s 16 led Minties in the absence of Tessa Boagni.

Defending champion North Canterbury will match up against Halswell again in the other Semi-final this Saturday. Pressure is on for North Canterbury to step up after three recent losses but should be more competitive with New Zealand Junior representatives Charlotte Whittaker expected to dominate the boards and Helen Mathews showing her skills about the court. Other North Canterbury players expected to step up will be Renee Tuhikarama, Northern Irish playmaker Caoimhe Colgan and Taneisha Nutira.


Results were:

Miles Toyota Premier Men’s League Quarter-Finals

Byes: University 1st, Gators 2nd direct to semi-final

#5 Pioneer Pacers 82 (Oli Davies 28, 7R; Marty Davison 17, Nick Erwood 11, 10R, Ihaia Kendrew 11) #4 Checkers 75 (Sam Riley 23, Pip Johnston 20, 7R, Jesse Kok 11). HT: 44-35

#6 Atami 99 (Patrick Roger 27, 8R; Derek Albertsen 24; Zacc Dwan 23, 14R; Joel Jeffrey 16) #3 Lincoln University 88 (Ben Williams 21, 9R; Josiah Williams 15, 8R; Jayden Chan 14; Ben Bowie 11, 14R; Ben Hall 10). HT: 48-41

Semi-finals Saturday 1st September: University v Atami, Gators v Pioneer Pacers


Miles Toyota Premier Women’s League Quarter-Finals

Byes: Lincoln University 1st, North Canterbury 2nd direct to semi-final.

#5 Halswell 69 (Rachel Pullan 19; Alice Sproat 19; Grace Love 16) Pioneer Pacers 49 (Maja Burry 24; Bianca Aguiar 11). HT: 32-22

#6 Wolverines 65 (Tessa Stewart-Morrison 31; Lauren McNichol 13; Kendal Hastie 11) #3 Minties 57 (Sam Duggan 19; Sarah Mason 16). HT: Minties 32-26

Semi-finals Saturday September 1st: Lincoln University v Wolverines, North Canterbury v Halswell


Men’s U23

Lincoln University Bulls 76 (Ben Bowie 14, Patrick Neale 11, Ben Hall 10, Jayden Chan 10) Atami 70 (Andre Tamagushiki 23, Connor Page 15, Patrick Roger 14). HT: 47-44

Gators Green 100 (Matt Mischewski 35, Jarred Burnett 16, Ben Carlile-Smith 13, Joshua Nickel 12, Seth Bryant 12) Wolverines 61 (Jacob Cromb 22, Logan Woodill 10). HT: 42-34

University 90 (Josh Petermann 26, Paul Stephenson 22, Simon Reeves 13, Rohan Russo 12) Checkers 84 (Toby Gillooly 35, Sam Riley 19, Fletcher Arnold 14). HT: Checkers 46-40

Pioneer-Cashmere 87 (Tom Rus-Hofmans 18, Finn Barclay 17, Thomas Webley 15, Louis Oskam 15) Atami Spartans 53 (Wiremu Waaka 17, Jayden Atkinson 12, Tyreice Tuliau 10). HT: 38-22

Bye: Pioneer Pacers (Eliminated)


Men’s U23 Final Ladder: University 34; Gators Green 30; Lincoln University Bulls 29; Pioneer-Cashmere 26 (3W-1L) 4th; Atami 26 (2W-2L), 5th; Checkers 26 (1W-3L) 6th; Wolverines 24; Atami Spartans 21; Pioneer Pacers 18. NB: Includes Rounds 8 and 9 points counting double.


Junior Grand Finals Day Results Saturday 25th August

Results were:

BU17 A Final
MG Gators 84 (Trey Te Awa 17, Toby Tremewan 17, Zach Hannen 16, Tristan Bennett 16) Shirley Spartans A (62 Kaleb Chamberlain 31, Anaru Walker 14). HT: 37-27, Finals MVP – Zac Hannen (MG)


BU17 Mid Final
North Canterbury 78 (Jayden Garrick 32) Selwyn 62 (Cody Wareham 27, Jamie Atkinson 14). HT: 33-33, Finals MVP – Jayden Garrick (NC)


BU17 Dev Final
Stac Development 79 (Jackson Rhodes 45) vs SBHS Spartans B 57 (Jarul Waiti 31). HT: 37-23, Finals MVP – Jackson Rhodes (StAC)


BU15 A Final
Christ’s Coll 71 (Jordan Braithwaite 29, Tom Harrison 17, Jaylen Dickel 17) St. Thomas 52 (Hunter Adam 24, Jake Banks 12, Jack Coulthard 10). HT: 35-22, Finals MVP – Jordan Braithwaite (Christ’s)


BU15 Mid
Selwyn A 97 (Jacob Richards 20, Cooper Johnson 18, Nishad Kant 14, Liam Jack 12) vs Wharenui Green 66 (Jamly Cabugnason 13, Jack Hollingworth 11, Ethan Robinson 11, Louie Gordan 11). HT: 54-34, Finals MVP – Liam Jack (Selwyn)


BU15 Dev
Burnside B 63 (Jethro Viloria 24, Ian Han 12, Kai Shields 10, Adar Benaia 10) vs North Canty Two 57 (Lucas Kerry 18, Calad Twohig 11, Joseph Miguet-Brogan 10). HT: 32-25, Finals MVP – Jethro Viloria (Burnside)


Boys’ U13 Final
Eastern Scorpions 77 (Manaia Wharepapa 30, Kobe Costley 15, Tyler Salkeld 14) vs NC Maroon 52 (Korben Murray 12, Jonty Daniels12). HT: 39-15, Finals MVP – Manaia Wharepapa (Scorpions)

Women’s U18 Final
North Canterbury 67 (Ivy Brown 16, Kareratua Williams 15, Brooke Woolford 13, Lauren Whittaker 10) vs Halswell 61 (Kate Herman 24, Samantha McCrone 17). HT: 35-23, Finals MVP Lauren Whittaker (NC)


Girls’ U15 Final
Checkers 59 (Kaytlyn Riches 17, Holly Willman 15) North Canterbury One 54 (Alexis Sinclair-Dockerill 10, Alex Robinson 10). HT: 29-25, Finals MVP Holly Willman (Checkers)


Y6 Boys All Stars Final

Cowles 56 Pioneer 46. Finals MVP – Hoani Ifopo-Togia (Cowles)


Y5 Boys All Stars Final

Pioneer 76 vs Cowles 23. Finals MVP Boston Dickel (Pioneer)

Y5/6 Girls All Stars Final

Cowles 30 (Dyani Tuliau 10) vs North Canterbury 20 (Harper McDonald 6). HT: 19-8. Finals MVP Dyani Tuliau (Cowles)


Semi-Finals MU20A 1v 2:  Pioneer-Cashmere 107 (Louis Oskam 19, Willem Ruf-Hofman 17, Gavin Torres 15) vs Gators 59 (Jimmy Williamson 15, Seth Bryant 13, Joshua Nickel 13). HT: 44-26

Semi-Finals MU20 A 3 vs 4: Gators Green 88 (Ah Li Fenika 29, Trey Te Awa 21, Carlton Chitongo 14) Uni of Canty 79 (Jamie Thompson 25, Ben Aicken 19, Will Smit 15). HT: 43-37

Play-off for 5th: MU20 A: Pioneer Yellow 80 (Isaac Beever 19, Moses Bygate-Smith 17, Ben Ruffles 13, Keaton Dale 11) vs NC-Rangiora 73 (Caleb Cameron 20, Lachie MacFarlane 13, Harry Gaughan 12, Jack Exeter 11). HT: 41-41

Play-off for 7th: MU20 A: North Canterbury 77 (Jordan Mann 27, Canaan Tarawa 14, Soloman Tawara 11, Reto Schori 11) vs Atami Spartans 73 (Blake Cunninghamme 28, Kaleb Chamberlain 17, Loyal Patelesio 12). HT: 45-31

Play-off for 9th MU20 A: Burnside Checkers 78 (Jayden Cameron 24, Dafa Sun 13, Isaiah Morris 11, Nathan Louis 10) St. Bede’s-Checkers 70 (Tom Hughes 26). HT: 38-33

Play-off for 11th: MU20 A: St. Thomas Pacers 63 (Josh Neilson 17) vs UC-Christ’s Coll 62 (Mason Whittaker 24, Will de Geest 17, Aidan Palmer 13). HT: 34-32

MU20 Dev 1 vs 2: Gators White 75 (Stephen Mischewski , Guy Cooper )  vs UC-CBHS 69 (Isaac Dann 25, Oli Taylor 10, Keiran McAuley 10, Angus Mears 10). HT: 44-32


Division One Men Quarter-Finals:

1 v 8: Atami Casa de Banos 48 (Andrew Gebbie 13, Scott Howell 12) Wolverines Blue 45 (Jamie Graham 15, Saleem Richards 11)

2 v 7: Pioneer Blue 64 (Daniel Pau’u 14, Edmund Lim 13, Thomas Falconer 13) Celebration Lions 44 (Andy Armstrong 18, Hunia Manuel 13)

3 v 6: Atami Wizard 93 (Jason Lee 27, Stu Ramsay 23, Kyle Clapperton 15) Gators Red 55 (Hamish Williams 17, Paul Havill 11)

4 v 5: Law Hub Checkers 75 (Ariel Mepana 23, John Quitiong 20) Pioneer Scorpions 55 (Fraser Costley 19, Willem Tolhoek 12).


Women’s U21 Quarter-Finals

3 v 6: Gators 107 (Hannah Mischewski 22, Maia Williamson 18, Annabell Lapworth 16, Katie Jo van den Bogart 16) Wolverines 38 (Paige McIlraith 8, Kop Weke 8)

4 v 5: North Canterbury 68 (Sam Crossley 17, Elsie McRobb 16, Eliza McCracken 12) University 57 (Nicloe Stuart 28, Sasha Pugh 11).

Semi-finals this Sunday: Lincoln University v North Canterbury, Halswell v Gators.


Women’s Division One Quarter-Finals

3 v 4: Halswell Red 62 (Bridget Salkeld 16, Chloe Onekawa 12) Minties 31 (Gina Cameron 8, Alana Pitama 8)

2 v 5: Royals Dark Horses 42 (Toni Smith-Hunwick 20, Jaclyn Parker 12) Royals 37 (Juanita Gear 11, Fiona MacPherson 11).

Semi-finals this Sunday: Halswell Green  v Royals, Halwell Red v Royals Dark Horses.

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