Block / Charge Courses Info

Coaches and Referees from our club or rep programmes are highly encouraged to attend this course on Block/Charge/No-Calls

Canterbury Basketball is excited to have Marty Davison running three Block/Charge courses over the next few weeks.

  • What will it cover?
    • Offensive/Defensive Cylinders
    • Definition of Block/Charge
    • Some video examples with discussion
  • Who should attend?
    • This course is designed for Referees and Coaches who have participated in the CBA Club season and or Rep Program
  • Date and Time:
    • 14 September – Pioneer at 630pm
    • 21 September – Cowles at 630pm (in the upstairs space above the CBA offices)
    • 31 October – Middleton at 7pm
  • This course is free, but we encourage people to pre-register by clicking here

(venue spaces may vary, first come first served)

Please note: The same course will be delivered at each venue, in order to encourage as many as possible to attend across all three sessions.

Any further inquiries, please contact Richard Kenny ( and if you have any block/charge situation videos you want to see discussed, feel free to send them to Marty (at and it may be shown at the course.


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