Junior Grade Guidelines Released

To ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience this Winter Club Basketball Season, we have created a guide for the Junior Club Competitions

These guidelines have been created in conjunction with the BBNZ Community Leads, along with discussions involving a variety of clubs, with the overall aim of making basketball as enjoyable as possible for as many people as we can.

This guide provides information for coaches, players and referees that aligns with Basketball New Zealand’s approach for age appropriate basketball in the community space.

Approach to the Game Guidelines for Winter Club Competition

James Lissaman (CBA Community Basketball Manager) said coupling these with some changes (e.g. a BU13 player can’t be in a BU15 team as well) should make it a lot easier to communicate what realistic expectations a player in a team should have, and also gives a coach specific things to spend their time on.

Our BBNZ Community Lead (Lori McDaniel), is creating further documentation to support referees, coaches, and players and this will be available prior to the start of the 2022 competitions.

Any questions from parents, players and coaches can be directed to Lori McDaniel

Any questions related to refereeing can be sent to Toni Smith-Hunwick


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