Macca’s Week Eleven Update

We’re trying something a bit different this time – read on to try and get your head around all the possible playoff scenarios!

But before we go through a lot of the possible scenarios – we have to mention both Cashmere High School’s Thomson Trophy team, which had held the Dowson Cup for 22 successful defences, and the Middleton Grange Gators, who went on a huge run to win the trophy 102-90 from the Lymphads.


And now – all of the things that need to happen for each team to make the playoffs (and how to finish in which place!)

Thomson Trophy Division One:

If StAC beats Middleton Grange, and Cashmere defeats Christ’s College we could have a three-way tie for first. Then the points difference in the StAC/MG game will need considering (teams currently have: Cashmere +17; MG +12; StAC -29).

This means that StAC can finish first if they beat Middleton Grange by 47, if Cashmere beats Christ’s (or just one point if Christ’s manages to upset Cashmere).

The Gators only need to win in order to qualify first, while Cashmere will finish first if both them and StAC wins (StAC by any margin less than 47 points).

Christ’s College can finish as high as second (if they win vs Cashmere, and the Gators beat St. Andrew’s). A loss will see them stay in fourth place.

Shirley Boys’ and St. Thomas play each other, with the winner of this game receiving the #5 seed (and the loser being #6)

St. Bede’s College is locked into the #7 seed, and will play whichever team ends up as #2.

If Rangiora wins (vs CBHS) they will end up as the #8 seed. If they lose by 33 or fewer points, they need Hillmorton to lose to Ashburton to sneak in still, a loss to CBHS by 34 or more guarantees to knock them out.

Christchurch Boys’ can get the #8 seed if: they beat Rangiora, and Ashburton loses to Hillmorton; OR they beat Rangiora by 40 points or more, if Ashburton beats Hillmorton.

Ashburton College’s path to the #8 seed sees them needing to win vs Hillmorton, and Christchurch Boys’ High winning against Rangiora by 34-39 points.


Whelan Trophy Division One:

The playoffs are all set here!

#1 Christchurch Girls’ High will host #8 Avonside Girls’ High

#2 Kaiapoi High vs #7 Ashburton College

#3 Rangi Ruru vs #6 Middleton Grange (Ara Live streamed game on Wednesday 14 August)

#4 St. Andrew’s vs #5 Rangiora


Thomson Trophy Division Two:

Papanui, Lincoln and Cathedral College are all guaranteed the top three spots – regardless of their results on the 13th (But Papanui and Lincoln have the inside track for home semi-finals if they do win their games)

Fourth place could become a log-jam – here is what each team needs to have happen to make it in:

Linwood – win and they’re in. If they lose (vs Papanui) they need Riccarton to lose (vs Cathedral) and they will win the tiebreaker with Kaiapoi or RNLS.

Rangiora New Life and Kaiapoi – these two teams play each other. For the winner of this game to qualify fourth, they also need Linwood to lose (to Papanui) and Riccarton to beat Cathedral College.


Whelan Trophy Division Two:

Lincoln will be first from pool A and Papanui second if both teams have the same results (either both with wins, or both with losses) on the 13th – if one team wins and the other loses they will be first and second respectively.

Pool B has Burnside hosting Villa Maria on the 13th, with the winner of this game being the #1 seed from Pool B, and the loser #2.


Anyway onto when and where each matchup will be next week (13 August unless noted)

Double Headers at one venue (5:15pm and 7:00pm):

  • Burnside hosting the Villa Maria Girls, then the St. Bede’s Boys
  • Cashmere High plays the Lincoln Whelan team, then Christ’s College
  • Hornby plays Ellesmere College Girls, then Haeata
  • Kaiapoi has Ashburton (QF) travelling a long way, then Rangiora New Life in a very exciting game that may decide who makes the playoffs
  • Riccarton High will try and upset the Papanui Girls team, then get a win against one of the playoff teams in Cathedral College
  • St. Andrew’s hosts the Rangiora girls, then the Middleton Grange Gators in the final Dowson Cup Challenge of the year.

In early single game action (5:15pm unless otherwise stated)

  • Papanui hosts Linwood, in a game that could easly be repeated in a week’s time as a semi-final
  • Christchurch Girls’ High will play Avonside Girls’ (after facing off in the Quadrangular tournament this week too)
  • Ashburton College’s Thomson Team hosts Hillmorton at 6:00pm, with a win here a requirement to try and progress further in the season

7:00pm sees the following games:

  • CBHS hosts Rangiora, with a mammoth task ahead of them to get into the playoffs
  • Hagley will try and take the scalp of a very good Lincoln Boys’ team
  • Shirley Boys hosts St. Thomas with the winner gaining the #5 seed (which Rangiora had last year, and won their games right through to the final!)

Wednesday 14 August will have #6 Middleton Grange taking on #3 Rangi Ruru at 6:20pm in their Quarter-Final, which will be live streamed thanks to the NZ School of Broadcasting.


Our Picks for Week Eleven (non-playoff picks only):


Whelan Division II

Burnside; Papanui; Lincoln; Hornby


Thomson Division I

Cashmere; Rangiora; St. Bede’s; Shirley Boys’; Ashburton; Middleton Grange


Thomson Division II

Papanui; Lincoln; Kaiapoi; Riccarton; Hornby


Last Two Weeks’ Picks: Whelan 6/8; Thomson 14/16

Year to Date Picks: Whelan 60/71; Thomson 84/104

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