Weekend Draw Info For 10-11 August

If you’re not on the draw email list, but want to see what sort of information is contained, we’re now posting this on our website too

All weekend draws and information can be found by clicking here (this page is updated each week).

Here is the info that was emailed to all coaches and  club contacts earlier this week:

Sunday’s draw has a small difference to normal in terms of WD1 and Wu21 games so that players involved with the Junior All Stars can fulfill their obligations there too.

Approaching the Bench:

  • We have had a few instances where scorebenches have been distracted by teams and mis-entered points for a game. To get things corrected as quickly as possible, please follow there steps:
    • Only the Head Coach is to approach the scorebench if there is a score issue he/she would like investigated (NOT a manager or player – if a manager notices a mistake, they need to communicate this to the Head Coach), and then returns to their team bench
    • The Head Coach asks the scorebench to please stop the game the next time the ball is dead (after a whistle or basket)
    • Once the ball is dead the scorebench stops the game and uses the game-horn to get the referees attention.
    • The Head coach then approaches the scorebench and referees to explain what he/she would like investigated. (Other Team’s coach will usually come and listen so they are informed at this stage too)
    • Referees can ask coach to return to bench while they discuss with scorebench (or keep coach there if they prefer)
    • Both coaches are invited in by referees to explain situation, and game resumes


Final Game Dates: Here is a chart showing: when the final game for any team that misses out on the playoffs will be (potentially one week earlier if in a grade with byes); the date the playoffs start in each grade; and the finals day:

GradeLast Game if not in PlayoffsPlayoffs StartChampionship Game
Boys’ U1317 August, 201924 August (Final Only)24 August, 2019
Girls’ U1511 August, 201918 August, 201924 August (Saturday)
Boys’ U1510 August, 201917 August, 201924 August, 2019
Boys’ U1710 August, 201910 August, 201924 August, 2019
Women’s U184 August, 201911 August, 201924 August (Saturday)
Men’s U20 Dev31 August, 201914 September (Final Only)14 September, 2019
Men’s U20 (A and Mid)24 August, 201931 August, 201914 September, 2019
Women’s U2125 August, 201925 August, 201914 September (Saturday)
Men’s U2324 August, 201931 August, 201914 September, 2019
Women’s Division One1 September, 201918 August, 201914 September (Saturday)
Men’s Division One25 August, 20191 September, 201914 September (Saturday)
Women’s Premier 24 August, 201931 August, 201914 September, 2019
Men’s Premier24 August, 201924 August, 201914 September, 2019


If you want to familiarise yourself, or your team with the format for your grade – have a look on this page: https://canterbury.nz.basketball/competitions/weekend-draws/


CBA Awards

We’ll be doing the same sort of recognition for each A grade this year (on court at Cowles Stadium to receive the prizes before that particular grade’s final is played).

If your team is currently a grade with no sub-grades (e.g. MU23, WP etc), or in  A grade in a sub-grade, or played in A grade earlier in the year, please fill in attached MVP voting ballot (emailed to all contacts) and send this to james@canterbury.basketball by the specified date. One per team please, and please remember to only vote for players in teams apart from your own.

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