Scorebench Duty – What are the Roles?

Scorebenches are an integral part of making a basketball game run smoothly

It can be somewhat intimidating to be asked to go on scorebench duty for a basketball game, and not be entirely sure of what to do – this article should make you more confident!

Scorebenches for CBA club games have four roles

Scorer – this is done on the Glory League scorekeeper app. Read these instructions, or watch this quick video:


Game Timer and Scorekeeper – (for the scoreboard) – stop the clock on all whistles; and after a basket is scored in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter (and any Overtime periods). Also gets to blow the siren if there’s a query for the referees, or to get their attention for substitutions! (i.e. checking if a 2 or 3 was scored, or what number the fouler is). This person will also help fill the role of spotter if necessary too


Shot-clock Operator – The basics of operating the shot-clock are on this quick Cheat Sheet:


Spotter – the fourth person will be the “Spotter” – who helps the scorer with player numbers who score or foul – and checks that the Scoreboard and Scorekeeper app match (in terms of fouls and scores)

If there is a gap in terms of referee assignments on the game, and a bench referee is needed, the spotter role is left empty. Of course, if you would like to learn how to referee (or be assigned to games regularly) please contact



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