Weekend Draw Info 21-22 May 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend whā

Photo Courtesy Arjan van Hasselt

21-22 May Duty Draw


  • Some future gamedates (past 29 May) were inadvertently made public – if anyone in your team saw these, they can be ignored (the matchup will likely be correct, but not 100%, and the time/venue is almost guaranteed to be altered)
  • For Scorebench duty, please have the assigned people doing this arrive at the venue at least 5 minutes before the game they are due to do duty for (if the people do not have much experience, then 10 minutes early is needed). We have put up a quick article explaining the four roles: Scorebench Duty – What are the Roles?
  • Coaches getting Glory league Access
    • If the wrong coach is listed on the team, please email james@canterbury.basketball with the details as I have to manually remove these (at this stage)
    • 2022 coaches should register like a player through their club/school membership portal but select “coach” as the member type instead of player
    • The club/school admin then needs to assign this person to the role of “Coach” under the “Members”- “Team Staff” page (similar to assigning players into a team)
  • Please pass on this reminder – players and Coaches are to have zero interactions/questioning/gesturing to the Referees in the U13 grades. Any questions that you (coaches) have or would like answered are to be directed to the floor controllers (and/or Referee trainers if available), which will then be relayed to the referees as appropriate (player questions should go to their coach). Reviewing our Approach to the Game Guidelines every so often should be done to remind people of expectations during games
  • With a week off for Queen’s Birthday we will be doing some more re-grading of teams (if necessary) and adjust pools for when we come back on June 11.

  • Mick Downer returns Thursday 26 May as the Hawks take on the Rams (7:30pm tipoff). Contact your club/coach to get access to a 10% discount



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