Miles Toyota June Diary

The Sponsored Wildcats Rav4 has been put to plenty of use in only one month, with Lori McDaniel behind the wheel.

Monday afternoons have been used to head over to coach the Allenvale Special Olympics team. This team has some of the most enthusiastic fans of basketball you will ever meet, and won gold at the most recent National Tournament (which only happens once every four years).


Alloyfold Canterbury Wildcats practices and games are another time the Miles Toyota vehicle is used, along with a pretty cool photoshoot inside Cowles Stadium (where the team Captain Shea Crotty, featured by virtue of Miles Toyota being her official sponsor). The Rav4 is currently getting a lot of envious looks down in Dunedin, where all of the best female basketballers in the country have gathered to contest the 2018 WBC Finals.


The rest of the week is used for her work supporting and upskilling coaches, as well as women’s development manager (plus she somehow fits in a bit of High School coaching at Rangi Ruru too!) We’ll be back next month to share some of how the other two cars have been utilised!

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