Office Closing For Christmas 2023

Our Office will be closing for a few weeks over the New Year’s Period

The CBA office will be closing up for the Christmas period on 21 December 2023, and will officially reopen on 8 January 2024 (though not all staff will be back in the office until later in January).

Some staff may be available at odd times during this window, but most email replies will be sent in Mid-January. Our social media channels will still be active during this time too. (So if anything extremely newsworthy happens, please let us know via these channels!)

From all of the CBA staff, we hope you all have a great and safe holiday period, thank you for all your efforts to help get the largest number of team entries we’ve ever had in a season (it feels like we say this every year, but that’s just because its true), and we’ll see you all in 2024!

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