Preparations if Alert Level Drops For 21-22 August

The following has just been sent out to al of our weekend club and team contacts, to help outline our procedures if we are able to play this weekend

Given how close we are to the end of the season we wanted to give you all information about how we will be managing the last games scheduled for the season – specifically the 21/22 August (though not impossible, it does seem very unlikely we will be in Level One or Two this Weekend, so want to be as prepared as possible):


LEVEL 3 or 4

  • No basketball can be played, so we will indefinitely postpone the final games scheduled until the COVID Alert Level drops



  • We will follow the procedures we had in place last year (please review these here). The important things is to enter as a team group together once the gym is empty from the group before you, and exit as quickly as you can from the designated exit to use
  • Junior Finals Day will be shifted to Middleton Grange (if playing on August 21) – this will allow us to use two separate gyms, and allow each team to have 42 people in their group (instead of 20) while staying under the 100 person limit. Cowles Court 1 will be switched with Middleton New Gym; Cowles Court 2 will be switched with Middleton Old Gym
  • First Team Award Winners will be recognised online (i.e. no in-person presentations)
  • Senior Saturday Semi-Finals (if playing on August 21) will be played at Cowles instead of Middleton Grange – each team will be allowed 22 people on their group list that will be entering. Two of these people must be assigned to scorebench duty (i.e. all games will be “OWN DUTY” as opposed to a game before or after)
  • Sunday Semi-Finals (if playing on August 22) – at this stage please stick to the 22 person limit, but if we find out from the council that court two will definitely not be used, we will advise those ten teams directly if their cap can be increased to 42 people
  • If your team has a person who has the equipment and is keen to live-stream games, we are happy to include this person on our list of personnel, and help have the game he/she is attending streamed. We will endeavour to stream as many of the finals that we can




For teams still scheduled to play, the thing that will be the most help in making this happen smoothly is to communicate with your teams, and their family/friends – “if they are not named on your team list, they cannot come to the game and expect to be able to come inside”. If you can get these lists done today and tomorrow (42 or 22 total depending on the venue) it will allow us to operate as smoothly as possible on Saturday. I will be generating team lists after Tomorrow’s announcement (if appropriate), so please make sure your team members are accurate before then. Even if these are not needed for this weekend, it is likely we will be in Level Two when we resume playing, so the lists will be needed for that anyway.

We are lucky that we know our systems to play in Level Two work extremely well, and our procedures can be implemented far easier than other sporting-codes who have already cancelled their competitions this weekend.

Lastly a few numbers – 75% of all of our winter teams had completed their season before going into lockdown, and we only have 36 games scheduled to go to complete all of our grades (out of 1346 total games needed for this entire winter club season) – which means we got through over 97% before having to stop this year!

Stay Safe everyone, and look out for each other 😊


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