Representative Programme FAQs


The Canterbury U23 Men’s team – 2018 National Champions

What are the Rep Programmes Values

Firstly, CBA uses the following definitions when discussing culture and values:

Values – What we SAY we believe 

Standards – What we EXPECT ourselves to do 

Beliefs – What we THINK we do 

Behaviours – What we DO 

The CBA’s Rep Programme Values are stated below. Each team will have additional values within this framework.

The CBA representative programme values Great Teammates. Great Teammates: 

  • Have a team first mentality, 
  • Are hard workers,  
  • Are strong listeners,  
  • Work well with others, and 
  • Have a “Next Play Mentality.” 

All players must demonstrate behaviours that reflect these values to be selected for a team and will be held to these values throughout all programmes. 

I cannot make trials, can I be considered for the team?

  • Yes, however you must still register them for the trails AND fill in this form to ensure selectors are aware. Do not email CBA to inform us of missing trials, the correct process is to fill out the form to ensure it is logged.
  • If athletes are injured, they should still attend trials to gain content knowledge and demonstrate they are committed to being great team mates.
  • Not attending trials, regardless of the reason will diminish the athletes prospects of selection.

What is the process and selection criteria for CBA representative programmes?

I was not selected for a team, can I have feedback as to why?

  • You can ask for feedback but please be realistic about this request.
    • Trials often contain over 100 players and a detailed analysis of your game from coaches who are volunteers is an ambitious request.
    • If you do genuinely want feedback:
      • Note, the best way to get quality feedback following a rep trial for national tournament, is to join the parallel development programme to take part in the regional tournament. Here you will receive detailed instruction from programme coaches; and train and compete in a parallel programme.
      • Be prepared for the feedback to be brutally honest,
      • Note that we are also in a busy time of year so the reply maybe short and direct, and
      • Be prepared to hear that you were not at the level of ability, skill or standards required to be part of the programme.

I have a complaint:

  • Fill in this form and the programme director will be notified and review the complaint within 1 week
  • This form can be used to register a complaint about any aspect of the programme, from trials to tournament.

What Style of Play does CBA play?

What are players required to wear?

  • At practices and trials:
    • Players must bring a light and dark reversible singlet. Alternatively, two separate light and dark tops.
  • At tournaments:
    • CBA provides uniforms on loan to all teams. These are not given out to players, managers distribute them and collect to wash after each game.
    • Players must have a grey, CBA shooting shirt (see image below). The process for ordering this is given out when players are accepted into the programme. Sizes are standard ADULT sizes, and the size chart can be found here.
    • Players can also purchase an optional grey CBA hoodie at the same time they order a shooting shirt.

We ordered a shooting top and hoodie. Is it possible to change our order?

  • This is honestly an administrative nightmare when people change their clothing orders.
  • Please ensure before you order that you are happy with the size as per the size chart here. Note they are adult sizes.
  • If you really need to change the order, please fill in this form to amend your order prior to the deadline.

We have registered but have not had a confirmation email.

  • GameDay does not send confirmation emails.
  • Please do not email CBA staff to confirm registration, if you saw the confirmation when you submitted registration, you are registered.

I cannot make a practice what should I do?

  • The representative programme only selects players where this programme is their number 1 priority. 
  • All representative events, from trials to tournaments take precedent over any other sporting or non-sporting activity. Players who prioritise other teams and commitments cannot be considered. 
  • Your coaches within the community know rep teams take priority so you should attend rep practice if it conflicts with a local game or practice.
  • If you have a national team event this is acceptable.
  • If you are injured, you still must attend practice.
  • If you are missing practice for a legitimate reason, you need to do 2 steps:
    • 1 – Contact your coach and manager to ensure they know when and why you will miss practice.
    • 2 – Fill in this form to ensure it is recorded.
  • Please do not email CBA administration staff regarding practice absences. It is not their job to liaise between players and coaches.

I have accepted a place in my programme but haven’t paid or been invoiced yet. What should I do?

  • We communicate both payment deadlines and the week you will be invoiced for your programme the programme overview or summary sent out prior to trials and also when you are offered a place in a programme.
  • If this date has passed, email accounts on

Is the Rep programme run or associated with the Canterbury Rams/Pouakai.

  • No, this is a common misconception.
  • The Canterbury Basketball Association is the Regional Sporting Organisation (RSO) for basketball in Canterbury.
  • We are focused on community basketball.
  • The Canterbury Rams and Pouakai are a private, professional entity. They have no influence on the rep programme.

My question isn’t answered, who should I contact

  • For finance related questions contact Nicky Jagger Nicky@Canterbury.Basketball.
  • Basic admin, Ollie@Canterbury.Basketball
  • All other Ben@Canterbury.Basketball