Basketball is by far the fastest growing sport in our region and our country.

The number of club teams in CBA competitions has doubled from 100 to over 200 since 2016, we are the largest high school sport by participation numbers and this growth shows no sign of slowing.

In order to continue to provide a quality competition for our community, we need players, coaches, parents, referees and all people in our community to be ON TEAM REFEREE. Referees are the life blood of our game and we will create an environment for them to enjoy the game, not just for players, coaches and supporters.

As a result, CBA, in partnership with our clubs are making it public that first and foremost, we are team ref. We are implementing a zero tolerance policy as we are primarily focused on protecting referees at younger levels.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, the following zero tolerance policy and procedure will take effect at all games which form part of the CBA junior hosted tournaments and competitions up to and including Under 15 Boys and Under 16 girls competitions and all stadium based primary competitions.

1. There will be a zero tolerance policy towards any inappropriate or abusive behaviour from team officials towards game referees

2. Any team official (coach, assistant coach, manager or team staff member) who feels the necessity to:

a. Question or challenge the rulings of the referees,

b. Berate or abuse referees, or

c. Display conduct which is inappropriate in a junior sporting environment,

Should expect to be disqualified from the game in question and be required to leave the court area.

This is a Zero Tolerance Policy, and the full policy can be read here.