Weekend Draw Info 29-30 July

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend tekau mā toru

29 July – 6 August Duty Draw

The fully populated draw for July 29 is above. We will send out the draw for August 5 as soon as possible to you all (this may come out on the weekend).

  • GU16 and MU20 Mid Grades – We have clarified that the Semi-finals in the GU16 grade have two teams coming from each pool (1A vs 2B, 1B vs 2A). In the MU20 Mid Grade ladder has been fixed as well

  • No-Zone Defences – a reminder that U17 Sub Grades and below (which includes all U16, U15 and U13 grades) should have teams playing man-to-man, or one-to-one defence in the half-court. This is best-practice for players to improve on both sides of the ball. We do not have “zone-busters” like BBNZ tournaments do, so rely mainly on coaches to do what is right, in terms of teaching their players what to do. Referees and/or CBA staff when present (including Floor Controllers) with a good understanding can help educate and get coaches to alter how their team is playing if needed. CBA Winter club competition – junior grade guide (canterbury.basketball) has more info if a reminder is needed
  • Etiquette – we want everyone to enjoy playing competitive basketball, and realise it can take a while for a coach’s philosophy to get cemented. Clubs/Schools – when checking in with your coaches, please make sure they are aware of some of the things to do/avoid when winning by a lot (Etiquette-Memo.pdf (canterbury.basketball)

  • Rams and Pouākai – a huge congratulations to the Canterbury Rams on a fantastic win last week – having a little luck to make it out of the first round, and then knocking off the #2 and #1 seed on back-to-back nights to win the region’s first NBL championship in 31 years! The Pouākai had a very exciting game last night, and you can save 10% off tickets for their remaining four home games by using this link


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