Refbook – Preparation for Weekend Games

Canterbury Basketball has started preparations to utilise the refbook platform for our weekend competitions

Richard has been using refbook for the 2023 Lincoln University Thomson and Whelan Competitions, to help streamline the appointments process, with referees able to get notified of, and confirm, their appointments via the platform.

We have just started creating refbook memberships for our referees who don’t already have one, and getting the account ready to be allocated weekend games – beginning in August this year!


What You Need To Know:

1 – Referees who weren’t already in the system will receive an email from refbook, saying that their account is ready:

2 – Referees may receive an email asking them to join the “Canterbury Basketball Inc.” Organisation

3 – Referees will receive email (or in-app notifications) of their game assignments. They can accept via email (even if they haven’t completed their account yet), or in the app

It is recommended referees complete their membership, as then they will be able to utilise the iOS or Android app to easily see which games they have refereed, who they have refereed with, and manage their game confirmations.


If you would like to start refereeing in our competitions, please email

If you already regularly referee on our weekend competitions, and do not have a refbook account, or have technical issues with the system please get back in touch with


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