Weekend Draw Info 5-6 August

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend tekau mā wha

5 – 6 August Duty Draw

  • Casts on Limbs – We know nobody likes to miss out on playing, but hard material covering limbs is not permitted under FIBA rules in a game as a safety issue. So unfortunately, if you have a player with a broken arm in a cast, he/she is not permitted to play
  • Final Games – Most teams will finish up their season on August 12/13. We will try and make a list of everyone that will/could finish earlier (and contact those teams directly). Any teams in playoffs do have the ability to finish later on if they win their games (with Junior Finals on Saturday 19 August, and Senior Finals on the 26th. Note – both Junior and Senior Finals Days are Saturdays)

  • MVP Votes – All A grade (or single grade) team coaches have been contacted for their MVP/First Team votes. These are due back Friday for junior grades, and Wednesday for seniors
  • Refbook – The background work has now all been done, and referees have started receiving their assignments for games. If you know of someone in your club/team who did not, please get them to contact Richard for their game (or James to get a refbook account)


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