Wildcats Withdraw from 2020 NBL

It is with much regret that the Wildcats’ management team has called time on the 2020 season

This decision was made due to insurmountable challenges associated with COVID-19.

Coach Dene Robinson had selected a very competitive team led by veteran point guard and former Tall Fern Shea Crotty and bolstered by talented imports, Russian Marita Davydova and American Deanna Kuzmanic.

Travel bans have meant neither import will now be coming. Internal travel is also impossible. Facilities closures have meant the team has lost all training locations. And given the Government’s guidelines around Alert Level 4, training together is impossible.

Sadly, the situation also means that the Wildcats Scholarship programme for 2020 has had to be suspended.

CBA GM Clive Beaumont said “Although the NBL has not cancelled the season, the circumstances we are facing financially and practically mean that we will be unable to put a team on the floor in 2020 regardless of a modified format, if there is one.”

Beaumont also was quick to praise the players and sponsors. “We know the team is devastated – they all worked hard for selection and have been training hard despite the circumstances. We also want to thank all of our wonderful sponsors who came on board in 2020 and we look forward to having a great season in 2021”.


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