2020 Winter Club Draft Calendar

The first draft of our club calendar for 2020 is attached

The Draft Calendar can be downloaded here: 2020 CBA weeks of play – DRAFT

A few things to be aware of:

  • Not all the BBNZ Tournaments have been scheduled yet (most notably U23s and UTSNZ)
  • The WNBL Schedule and initial tournament timing or location has not been completed yet
  • The Sal’s NBL Schedule is now complete (and has been included) – we have five Rams’ Weekend games during the season. Two Saturdays and two Sundays mean we will need to use alternative facilities to normal then (and the fifth is during School Holidays).

This means, our CBA Club schedule is still extremely fluid, so this is our best guess at the moment. Specific things of note, or expectations:

  • We are seriously looking at having our Senior Finals Day the week after Junior Finals, to avoid the potential clash with the UTSNZ tournament (which could then make a three week gap between SF and F games if we don’t)
  • The 3X3.EXE competition is having a full inter-conference round – highly likely to be the same weekend as the WNBL Finals (4-5 July). (Side note, all prospective players must fill in their registration form by December 31 2019 – even if they played last year. This competition is Open Men’s level)
  • Once Club team entry numbers are finalised, we may need to add an extra round to some competitions. For example, MP may have a round during the MU23 National Tournament, which we would defer as needed. MD1 and WD1 may play on 12 July if necessary.
  • Grades may have slightly less weeks of competition than in the past (part  a result of moving the senior finals up, and some feedback from our survey)
  • The MU20 and WU21 grades (or some sub-grades within these) may be played during junior Finals Day – this will have more discussion before a decision is made here

This is unequivocally a draft of the best guess for the Club Season – this will no doubt have some changes made to it, so please do not take this as gospel just yet! We will have a Club Forum as soon as we can organise this once Clive Beaumont is on board – if we can get everything sorted for the final week before the Breakers’ game here we will do so, otherwise it will be early next year.


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