2022 Macca’s Thomson Trophy Preseason Rankings

The ranking committee for the Thomson Trophy Competition have now released their preseason expectations for teams in Division One

14 teams have been granted entry into the competition.

McDonald’s Thomson Trophy Pre-Season Ranking

  1. Christ College
  2. Cashmere
  3. St. Thomas
  4. Middleton Grange
  5. St. Bedes
  6. St. Andrew’s College
  7. Shirley Boys’ High
  8. Christchurch Boys’ High School
  9. Rangiora High
  10. Ashburton College
  11. Rolleston College
  12. Burnside High
  13. Riccarton High
  14. Kaiapoi

The format for Thomson Division One:

  • The “Top Eight” playing a round robin. Then be put into pools of “Top Four” and “Middle Four”. Competition points do not carry over into the pools of four (10 weeks).
  • While the “Top Eight” are playing the Round Robin the “Bottom Six” teams (of the 14) will play a double round robin (10 weeks).
  • Playoffs will consist of: Play-In Games: 6th vs 9th; 5th vs 10th.
  • Quarterfinals (winners of play-in games vs 3rd and 4th).
  • Semi-Finals (winners of Quarterfinals vs 1st and 2nd). This is likely to be Thursday night before the Grand Final.
  • Grand Final (Semi-Final winners)


For the Thomson Trophy Division Two, 9 teams will also compete:

  • Cathedral College
  • Haeata
  • Hagley College
  • Hillmorton High
  • Hornby High
  • Lincoln High
  • Te Aratai College
  • Papanui High
  • Rangiora New Life

The Format for Thomson Trophy Division 2 will be a full Round Robin (9 weeks). Each team will have one bye.

Playoffs will consist of:

  • Quarterfinals (3rd vs 6th, and 4th vs 5th). 8th vs 9th also played this round.
  • Semi-Finals (winners of Quarterfinals vs 1st and 2nd). 7th place game also played this round.
  • Grand Final (Semi-Final winners)


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