Age Groups in 2024

The way age-groups are organised in 2024 is changing, both for club and representative basketball

In 2024 Canterbury Basketball will be referring to our Winter Club age-group grades as “XX & Under” (which will be the equivalent of BBNZ’s “Under-XX+1” age-group). This allows us to be able to continue using our current trophies, and players will have the same amount of eligibility in an age-group that they expected at the end of the 2023 season.

The following table illustrates each age-group’s maximum for the 2024 season:

CBA Winter Competition (2024) Equivalent in BBNZ Representative Competitions (2024) Oldest permissible date of birth (2024)
13 and Under Under 14 1 January 2011
15 and Under Under 16 1 January 2009
16 and Under Under 17 1 January 2008
17 and Under Under 18 1 January 2007
20 and Under Under 21 1 January 2004
23 and Under Under 24 1 January 2001

In essence, the naming conventions for BBNZ Age-Group competitions have reverted back to what they were prior to 2021 (albeit, with an increase of one year in each tournament name, to maintain the same eligibility).

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