Weekend Draw Info 1/2 May 2021

This information has been sent out to all our club contacts this week, ahead of opening weekend

  • Mouthguards – remember all players in U20 competitions and below need mouthguards as per BBNZ/ACC rules. We have a limited supply available for purchase at Cowles Stadium
  • Player Registration and Assigning – please make sure you have been chasing all your players up to get registered. We are exploring how to add a cost to any late registrations for players, so feel free to warn them of that if they haven’t done so yet that they may have an extra cost to pay. All registration portals are on this page
    • To assign players to teams, you need administrative rights at your club level – if you think you should have these, please verify your email after going to https://passport.sportstg.com/account/, then contact us to get you added
    • Players need to be assigned to teams at least three hours before scheduled tip-off to guarantee they will be imported by the system in time
    • Players will be able to be added to tablets should you need them to, but remember this takes time (and will add frustration, as only lasts for one game). Doing this creates extra work for everyone, so is definitely only to be used when calling players up, and not as an every-week thing

As Uncle Sam would say – WE NEED YOU!

With the huge growth in our Winter Club Competition (which tips off this…

Posted by Canterbury Basketball Association on Thursday, April 29, 2021

  • Referees – you may have seen Rebecca’s plea for more referees this week. If anyone in your team/club can help, please get them to contact her ASAP: rebecca@canterbury.basketball
  • Live Statistics – If anyone wishes to learn how to do these, please get in touch with james@canterbury.basketball, or sharon@afd.co.nz to organise a game for them to get trained up on. Premier League teams in particular – if you would like to guarantee your game does get statted, let us know if there is someone keen to learn from your club (we have enough equipment to do two courts simultaneously, but not enough people).
  • 2021 CBA Weeks of Play – This has been updated to reflect the following:
    • BU13 – starting May 15, to reduce demand for gym space when the Rams are at Cowles on the 22nd
    • WP – Playing in July 17 now (Grand Final on 24 July), to fit in with Women’s NBL
    • MP –  Expected to play on July 17 now (still need a few teams to confirm this date), to enable a Semi final round to be played
  • 2021 Winter Club Formats this is still a work in progress, but most grades now have formats set. Big thanks to Piet Van Hasselt for checking through these and offering suggestions for improvements!
  • Request to Play for Alternative Club – We have received a number of these already, but want to remind you to get them signed off by all three parties if you haven’t yet (this is primarily done to make sure players are not in multiple teams that a club/school does not know about)
  • May 1-2 Draw – there have been a couple of changes – the updated draw is attached here for you all
  • The Breakers Are Coming to Christchurch! We have received the following offer from the Rams, so please feel free to pass it on to all of your members.

We are excited to announce that the Sky Sport Breakers will be coming back to Christchurch, to play one game only against the S.E. Melbourne Phoenix on Tuesday 25th May at Christchurch Arena. We are looking forward to hosting one of the few games the Breakers are able to play in New Zealand this season.

We are offering all Canterbury Rams season members 25% off tickets for this Breakers game, which may interest your members if they’d also like to come along and see the Rams this season. Rams Season Memberships can be purchased here. (Good luck to the Rams this weekend – they tip-off at Wellington tonight, and then play the Hawks on Sunday)


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