Weekend Draw Info 1/2 August 2020

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Items of Note:

We have opted to keep the MU20 competition in three sub-grades, with only one swap of teams (which those affected know) as these competitions were set up pretty accurately. The BU15 and BU17 grades are what we are looking at more this week (and we have feedback coming in from the teams here to help identify where they see themselves fitting best).

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Close Out Episode 9 2020

A NEW CHALLENGER HAS ARRIVED!Clive Beaumont joins the crew for episode nine of the Close Out. James gets a little mixed up with when the Top Six will be found in the #MaccasTT (but ends up being accurate once all the results were in!).Our Supporter Spotlight this week is Foodstuffs, who operate PAK'nSAVE – especially PAK'nSAVE – New World and Four Square Supermarkets

Posted by Canterbury Basketball Association on Tuesday, 28 July 2020


Only three notes for this weekend:

  • Hoben trophy Final – 4:55pm Saturday at Cowles Atami (6-0) will play Gatos (4-2) in the first round championship
  • Food and Drink in Venues – the general rule of thumb is only water is allowed in the venues we utilise for our weekend competitions. If you need to eat something, please do it outside (unless you know that the venue does allow food to be eaten in the gym areas)
  • Celebration Lions Stadium Carpark Entry – the Dolamore Place entrance is the one to use while all of the grassed area is having work done on it (i.e. is very muddy!)

We’ve now passed the halfway stage of the regular season for those competitions that started on June 13, and this upcoming weekend marks the halfway point for nearly all of the other weekend competitions – so I hope you and your teams are enjoying the competition so far!

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