Playoff Implications for the Miles Toyota Men’s Premier League

With the Final Round in the Miles Toyota Men’s Premier League taking place this Saturday, what exactly is at stake?

UC (11-2) and Pioneer (9-4) are locked into the top two seeds, and will progress automatically through to the Semi Final round on August 31.

There are four further spots left to be determined, with only two teams assured of playing in the Quarter Finals on August 24.

Gators (7-6) will finish third if they win vs North Canterbury. A loss to NC, and Gators could then finish in third, fourth or fifth. For example, if LU loses to UC, and NC beats Gators, Gators will be fourth. For Gators to finish fifth, NC would have to beat Gators by 42 points or more (and LU win vs UC). Gators is guaranteed to make the playoffs regardless of a win or loss.

Lincoln University (6-7) can finish as high as third if they win vs UC, and NC beat Gators by 18-24 points. If LU wins, and Gators win, LU will qualify in fourth place. Like Gators, LU is also guaranteed to make the playoffs.

North Canterbury (6-7) can finish in third, fourth or fifth with a win (depending on the margin, and LU vs UC winner). To grab third, Kenny Perkins’ team needs to win by 25 points or more (if LU wins), or just one point if UC beats Lincoln University. NC can miss out on the playoffs if getting in a four-way tie for fourth (see below).

Atami and Wolverines are in a bit more danger (both 5-8) – for these teams to grab a playoff spot:

  • If they both win, and NC and LU lose: NC misses out on the playoffs
  • If both win, and NC wins and LU loses: NC and Atami make playoffs, Wolverines misses them
  • If both win, and LU wins and NC loses: Wolverines misses the playoffs.
  • If both Atami and Wolverines lose: Atami sneaks in, and Wolverines miss out
  • If one team wins, and the other loses, the loser’s playoff aspirations are over

Looking at the amount of potential permutations, Wolverines will be the most desperate team playing on Saturday August 17 (4:30pm vs Checkers), as they need a win here to have any chance of progressing through to the next round.

Checkers (3-10) is guaranteed to be playing the team that misses out on the post-season on 24 August, but will be keen to play the spoiler this weekend.

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