CRDP Sessions Have Now Tipped Off

Aged between 14-17 and wanting to see what you need to know to play in a rep team? Check out this new basketball program!

A new initiative this year is the Canterbury Representative Development Program (CRDP), which is aimed specifically towards 14-18 year olds who are not currently involved in the Canterbury Rep program. Five different clubs around the region will be running this program in Term One.

The weekly sessions will focus on:

  • Training habits
  • Skill development
  • Concept Development

The club coaches for this program underwent a day of professional development to design this program with Lori McDaniel (our Coach Development Manager), and will use a variety of techniques for players to cover content which includes:

  • Training habits
  • 1v1 defensive containment, discipline, and pressure
  • Catch to score
  • Offensive decision on shoot, drive, pass, score
  • Offensive Spacing/Receiver spots

If you would like to try and join one of the CRDP sessions on offer near you click the appropriate club/venue and enquire (not all of them have pages dedicated to this new program yet)




North Canterbury


If you wish to get more information on the CRDP, please email


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