Signature League Standings – Week Five

The inaugural Signature League for Term Four has now wrapped up

Each team played four overtime segments in their block, starting with the scores tied at 83-83 for each segment (1983 is the year Signature Homes was founded, and helps coaches and players play with the mentality needed for end of game situations). Teams received two points for a win, zero for a loss, one for a draw.


Canterbury Basketball Association’s Head of Pathways and Community Development – Ben Constable shared his thoughts: “The Signature League has been everything we wanted it to be: The players and coaches developed a lot in terms of understanding time and score, in late game “clutch” situations. In addition to this – the players all got off-season development without risking overloading!

“Referees got to work in a higher stakes competition than what is normally on offer in summer. Coaches also got the chance to develop a team, and its culture, without the benefit of practices.”

After five rounds, each team has completed their 20 segments, with the following final standings:

Men’s U20

  • Team Rani: 12-8-0, 24 points
  • Team Glen: 11-4-2, 24 points
  • Team Joe: 11-9-0, 22 points
  • Team Kelvin: 9-10-1, 19 points
  • Team Matt/Adam: 8-11-1, 17 points
  • Team Dave: 7-13-0, 14 points


Women’s U20

  • Team Bob: 15-4-1, 31 points
  • Team Sam: 4-15-1, 9 points


Boys’ U16

  • Team Matt: 19-1-0, 38 points
  • Team Tom: 8-9-3, 19 points
  • Team Adam: 8-10-2, 18 points
  • Team Scott: 8-10-2, 18 points
  • Team Raymond: 6-12-3, 15 points
  • Team Hugo: 6-12-2, 14 points


Girls’ U16*

  • Team Bhavna: 11-3-2, 24 points
  • Team Dilshan: 8-7-1, 17 points
  • Team Holly: 3-12-1, 7 points

*Final round of segments saw players split into two teams, so results were not added to the ladder

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