Lincoln University Week Four Picks 2023

Here with week 4 picks!

This week’s game of the week for Whelan Trophy is St. Margaret’s vs. Rangiora. For Thomson Trophy we have St. Andrew’s hosting St. Thomas with a 6:45pm tip off time.

Grocott Trophy –

  • Cashmere hosting St. Thomas
  • Ellesmere hosting Lincoln
  • Hillmorton hosting Christ’s College
  • Kaiapoi hosting Ashburton
  • Rangiora hosting St. Bede’s

Whelan Trophy Division 2 –

  • Burnside hosting Papanui
  • Hillmorton hosting Ashburton
  • Rangi Ruru hosting Hagley

Thomson Trophy Division 2 –

  • Rangiora New Life hosting Haeata (5:45pm)
  • Hornby hosting Cathedral
  • Darfield hosting Papanui

Whelan Trophy Division 1 – 

  • Christchurch Girls’ High hosting Villa Maria
  • Kaiapoi hosting St. Andrew’s College
  • Avonside hosting Cashmere
  • St. Margaret’s hosting Rangiora

Thomson Trophy Division 1 – 

  • Hillmorton hosting Lincoln
  • Kaiapoi hosting Ashburton
  • Rangiora hosting St. Bede’s
  • Middleton hosting Christ’s College
  • Shirley Boys’ hosting Cashmere
  • Riccarton hosting Rolleston
  • St. Andrew’s College hosting St. Thomas (6:45pm)

Deferred Game – 

  • Burnside vs. Christchurch Boys’ High


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