Weekend Draw Info 20-21 May

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend wha

20-28 May Duty Draw

We have made a couple of changes to the draw above. We are intending to have the first two weeks of June’s draws out next week (now that the majority of team moves have been integrated in the matchups going forward), and then will finish off the remainder of June up until the break for most grades in the July Holidays (these draws will come to you all around King’s Birthday).

  • First Aid – a reminder that each team should have their own basic first aid supplies with them as part of their team kit. The logistics of playing games in as many venues as we do means that it is hard to guarantee what will be available at each venue, so it is imperative that each team can manage basic injuries
  • Club/School Assigned Referees – If a club is down to supply a referee on a specific game, and they are down for bench duty as well, the default position is that the team on duty will be expected to provide the referee. HOWEVER, this is still ultimately the referee coordinator from your school or club’s call (so if they have sorted out someone from another team to cover the spot, they are well within their rights to do so)
  • U15/U16 Duty – We have heard of a number of teams not fully understanding when they were scheduled for duty, so have clarified this on the draw (all highlighted) and listed the team names
  • Uniform Numbers – Glory League has now identified and fixed the issue with Player Numbers not being pulled through from GameDay (choosing “apply to all games” on the iPad won’t actually update the database though). Contact your club administrator to do this if player numbers are wrong this weekend

  • Lincoln University Info Evening – If you are planning to study in 2024 you should register now for the Lincoln University Christchurch Information Evening on 30 May. It’s where you can find out how they will help you grow a career in thriving industries like agribusiness, land and property, food production, or environmental management. You can catch up with lecturers and current students, as well as hear all about university life, scholarships and accommodation. Book your place by clicking here – if you are on court that night you can still find out all about their great study options by contacting LU and talking to their team

  • Rams vs Tuatara 5pm Saturday 20 May – again feel free to use the 10% discount link your club/team contact has (a reminder – there is no BU13 games this weekend, due to the Rams playing at Cowles Stadium. The season for these grades did start a week earlier to account for this “empty week”)


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