Weekend Draw Info 11 July 2020

Here are the notes that went out with the July 11 Draw

All weekend draws and information can be found by clicking here – this page is updated each week.

The 18-19 July draw is complete except for the MU20 grades, which will have their matchups determined by the games played on 11 July – so there will be an update to that draw after those are done! Reminder – there are no games scheduled on Sunday 12 July, and only MU20, MU23, and our Men’s and Women’s Premier teams are playing on the 11th.

Reminders and notes this week:

  • Four people for scorebench – a few teams have been assigning three people to scorebench, which ends up causing issues if a referee suddenly becomes unavailable. Three people coming to a game seems to occur more often when doing duty before a team plays than after. If your team has duty after their game, and two referees are on court feel free to check with the floor controller if he/she is happy that three team members can competently do all of the tasks required (iPad/Scoresheet; Scoreboard/timekeeper; Shot clock operator. Fourth person is backup on-court official, or Chairperson).
  • FIBA Standings – all of our weekend competitions use FIBA rules, along with our local by-laws (including needing a winning and a losing team!) One query that often comes up is how are teams ranked when tied with another in terms of wins and losses. Page 79-85 of the FIBA rule book covers this in the “Classification of Teams” section. It is not often that points differential is used to break ties, so make sure you are aware of both the FIBA rules, and our etiquette memo in regards to this.
  • Sunday Draws – these have been done through August 9, and sent to all of the teams/clubs competing in those competitions (and are available online here)

If you wish to be included on the bulk emails we send out with the duty draw information, please email james@canterbury.basketball


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