Weekend Draw Info 13-14 May

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend toru

13-28 May Duty Draw

  • Competition Formats – Changes have been highlighted (due to team entry number changes) – Notably French Cup and WD1 and MU20 Mid grades 2023 Winter Club Formats
  • Subgrades – We will be looking at teams that may benefit from moving up or down within the BU13, BU15 and BU17 sub-grades over the next few weeks (if, after this Saturday’s games, you think I should consider a team for moving up/down please let me know)
  • Reminder of no Half-court Zone Defences – All U16 grades and below need to be one-to-one defence, and in BU17 sub-grades. This helps improve offensive decision-making, and both offensive and defensive fundamentals

  • Referee Portal – For any people wishing to get involved on a more-regular basis with refereeing our competitions, we have a landing page (which also has links to the weekend availability form) Winter Club Referee Portal – Canterbury Basketball
  • Mouthguards – a reminder for players in teams graded U20 and below OR who are under the age of 18 that mouthguards are compulsory when playing. Richard ahs advised that in practice this will usually be administered by referees along the following lines:
    • Pre-game reminder to wear mouthguards when on-court (a team’s coach should do this)
    • In game referees can remind players to check they have mouthguards in, and/or require substitutions for players who appear to deliberately disobey this
    • Floor Controllers and/or Referee Supervisors may assist referees if needed, but it should primarily be the coach of a team reminding and the on-court referees making sure players adhere to this
  • Warming Up Pre-game – a reminder that we operate with the following minimum timings for games (as per our competition rules). This means teams will often need to do the bulk of their warm-up and stretching off the court they are about to play on
    • The on-court warmup period shall be not less than five (5) minutes
    • Half time shall be not less than two (2) minutes or exceed five (5) minutes (this is generally set to be three minutes though)
    • The quarter breaks shall be not less than one (1) minute.
  • Rams vs Giants – 6pm Sunday 14 May – check with your team/club contact for a 10% discount link for tickets

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