Weekend Draw Info 19/20 June 2021

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend whitu

The Weekend draws can be found on this page throughout the season. 19-20 June Draw Complete

July 10 (first weekend of the school holidays) – if any teams would especially like to defer their game, please let James know before Tuesday 22 June (we have enough space confirmed for 70 games, and likely space for the last two, but if any teams prefer not to play that day we can make that work).

Mouthguards – just a reminder that these are compulsory for all grades U20 and below. Referees have the right to substitute any players out who they notice with their mouthguard out during play.


Clive Beaumont has sent the following email to all of our referees and Floor Controllers regarding changes at the CBA Office:

Good Afternoon everyone

I am writing to inform you all of some changes here at CBA.

Rebecca has decided to leave her position and she therefore finishes with us on 12th July. I would take this opportunity to thank Rebecca publicly for her work within our Sport over the last 3 years or so and wish her all the best in her future ventures wherever they may be.

Secondly, I wanted to thank you all again for your sterling efforts on Court over the last few weeks. It has been really appreciated by us and I know the clubs, in terms of the coverage we have of games. So thank you one and all.

Moving forward it will be especially important for us to have your availability on a weekly basis and we would earnestly ask that each Sunday evening you check your emails and spend a couple of minutes filling in your availability, on the google Doc, for the following week-end.

In May I informed you that I would be reviewing the game expense fee you all receive and that process is still underway. We are aiming to simplify the payment system and will categorise all referees in terms of payments. The delay is simply that with Rebecca’s absence on sick leave we have not yet been able to classify all refs. However, I can assure you the amendments to fees will apply to all games from the beginning of June so we will have it implemented in time for payments to be made in the usual way in the first week of July. This will then fit in with our development of referees moving forward as there will be an incremental structure around payments determined by the level at which each referee is assessed to be at, along with their commitment to the courses which are and soon will be available from BBNZ in terms of development along the referee pathway.

In this regard the Level 1 ( Community REF Course) is now online and we are currently planning the associated workshops to go with this course. A fair few of you will be “grandfathered” to this level without the need to do the course – the relevant one for you will likely be available later this year/early next year (Level 2). There is also going to be a LEVEL 0 course which equates to the Kiwi Hoops Referee Course which we have delivered into schools and will be the “entry” level accreditation for new referees to attain. Ultimately there will then be a Level 3 course for advanced referees wishing to pursue the pathway of refereeing at a higher level.

We hope to be able to deliver the first LEVEL 1 workshops this season but will advise further in this respect, in the light of Rebecca’s resignation.

That’s all for now, thanks again for your efforts.

Kind Regards,

Clive Beaumont

General Manager


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