Weekend Draw Info 7-8 May 2022

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend rua

7-8 May Duty Draw


Notes that were included with this draw email:

  • Player registrations – Thank you for all your efforts chasing people up before last weekend (we only had 120 people added via an iPad – which averages out to be les than one person per team)
  • Vaccine Passes Not Required – we now have confirmation that each venue we are using will not require Vaccine Passes to enter. If this changes throughout the season, we will let you know
  • Schedule – Make sure you check the time and venue carefully. If anything is highlighted green, that is the time your game is scheduled to tip-off
  • Overtime – we don’t have any tied games in our weekend competitions. If the scores are tied after four quarters we play five minute overtime periods until a winner is found (teams continue playing the same way they did in the fourth quarter)
  • Plays of the Week – Lincoln University is sponsoring weekly videos highlighting these – if you play in a Glory League Venue, and see something cool happen, please pass it on to us for consideration on the next video!

  • Referees – Your coordinator should have been in touch with you if club needs your team to provide any referees over the weekend. Anyone who is keen to referee on a more regular basis should contact toni@canterbury.basketball to make the process of appointing people more efficient (which will be applied towards your club’s quota)
  • Own Duty – our U15s and U16s started last week (with own duty responsibilities). This week our BU13 grades start too, so please make sure you have assigned your two people for scorebench before the game begins
  • Rams Game Sunday – feel free to share the code  with your team to get a discount on tickets for the Tuatara game
  • Mouthguards – a reminder that all grades U20 and below need to wear mouthguards. We had a query about using an Invisalign in lieu of a mouthguard – a dentist has clarified this: ”The Invisalign is an orthodontic appliance and is under no circumstances a replacement for a sports mouthguard”
  • Competition Formats – these are currently being reviewed by the competitions committee – the draft of these is attached for your information (and I will confirm or notify of any changes as soon as possible). Reminder – The BU13, BU15 and BU17 sub-grades will use a variation of merit tables to give teams competitive games, and varied opponents throughout the season
  • Zone Defence Rules – a reminder that anything aged U13, U15, U16 and any U17 sub grade competitions  have a rule against using Zone-Defences (see the approach to the game doc, if you have not already)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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