Weekend Draw Info 8-9 June

This information has been sent out to all our weekend club basketball contacts this week, ahead of round rima

8-9 June Draw 2024

15-16 June Draw 2024

22-23 June Draw 2024

Welcome back to weekend club basketball – We hope you all enjoyed the King’s Birthday Break (though it wasn’t a break for our U20 rep teams – dual national champs!) Remember June 15 and 22 have less games than normal, and some teams will be playing earlier than usual


  • Team Benches – each venue is different, but the areas for teams are specifically for members of the team. Caregiver should be in the spectator’s area UNLESS they have an official role with a team. Each team-member, who is not on the court, should on their respective team bench area
  • Young Children – we love having friends and family come and attend our club games, but *please* make sure that their safety is accounted for. Toddlers should not be on the team bench (see above), or able to run onto the court during a game
  • Compression Clothing – compression tops (and leggings) are permitted under playing uniforms, but must not be loose (which can cause fingers to break, if they get caught)
  • Bench (2) or (4) – the number on a duty draw indicates the amount of people that need to be assigned to duty for a particular game. If “2” is listed, each team playing needs to provide one person each on the scorebench for their own game

  • Zero Tolerance – now that we’re about a third of the way through the season, this is a great time for you all to make sure your coaches, players, and supporters all understand our Zero Tolerance Policy for our least experienced referees (16U, 15U and 13U grades especially)


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