Weekend Draw Info 8 July

This information has been sent out to all our club basketball contacts this week, ahead of weekend tekau

8 – 16 July Duty Draw

A reminder – only our Miles Toyota Women’s Premier League Grand Final, and Men’s League have club games on this weekend

  • Break – We hope you enjoy the July Holiday Break which has just started!
    • The following grades restart on July 15/16: Women’s Premier – Patron’s Cup; Men’s U23; Men’s U20, Boys’ U17 Sub Grades; Men’s Division One; Women’s Division One; French Cup
    • July 22/23 is when the following restart: Boys’ U17 A; Boys’ U15; Boys’ U13; Girls U16; Girls’ U13
  • Reminder About Playing Time – we are starting to hear some instances of coaches not giving players enough time on the court to foster a love of the game. We have a one-page guide with more detail here, but the most important part is that players should generally get even court time in the first three quarters of a game (not withstanding fouls and injuries)
  • Rep Tournaments – Our U17s have just headed up to Wellington, and next week our U15s go to Auckland for the BBNZ National Championships. In addition to this, we are hosting the Mainland Tournament in Selwyn on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (July 8-10) – with 42 teams from around the island competing in U15 or U18 grades!

Next week we will be checking for any further sub-grade adjustments that could be needed, to give teams in those grades some good close games to finish off their season. This means we should be able to get the July 22/23 draw out by early next week (and possibly the draws for the week or two after – depending on how we can schedule around potential playoff matchups)


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