2023 Winter Club Entry Update

With entries all received for our Winter Club Basketball Competitions – we are now in the confirmation stage with each club/school

Please double check that your team’s details are correct. If not – please contact your club or school administrator to rectify with the CBA. All information below is accurate as of 4pm on Sunday 2 April 2023.

The Boys’ Under 13 and Girl Under 13 grade entries are due by Tuesday 18 April 2023, with their competition tipping off on May 6 and 7 (all clubs have already indicated what they will be entering though, so these teams are included here now).

The headings are:

  • Club (this includes the club that schools are affiliated with in U20 grades and above)
  • Entity Responsible (where invoices get sent, and payment comes from)
  • Grade (includes if an indication of preferred sub-grade given)
  • Team Name (if different to club)

The two files have the same information – one is sorted by Grade, and the other is sorted by Entity Responsible

2023 Winter Club Entries (Sorted by Grade)

2023 Winter Club Entries (Sorted by Entity)


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