Weekend Draw Info for 16 July 2019

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The BU17 grade is now finalised with a few teams being added into each grade as per the formats (see them on this page to make sure you know how your competition works: https://canterbury.nz.basketball/competitions/weekend-draws/)

  • U17 A grade – welcomes in Rolleston College (from Upper/Middle)
  • U17 Upper Middle – Shirley Spartans A and St. Bede’s Black are now joining this grade
  • U17 Lower Middle – Ashburton College and Shirley Spartans Development will be competing here now
  • U17 Development – Gators White will be playing here

Our BU15 Grades have had their movement finalised now too:

  • The U15 A Grade welcomes in North Canterbury and St Bede’s College
  • U15 Middle Grade has Burnside A and St. Andrew’s being added to the competition

In the MU20 competition, the Wharenui Gators White team has been added in to the Middle grade there. Both the Dev and Middle grade will still follow the same published grade formats.

In Terms of notes:

  • Etiquette – we’ve had a few reports of teams running up the score (both male and female ones – at age group levels), and not playing in the spirit of the game. All coaches need to be familiar with our memo regarding this
  • Zone Defence – this is not allowed in our U13 and U15 grades at all, and we strongly recommend U17 and U20/21 teams to spare the use of it in favour of “man to man” so as to develop your players’ skills as much as possible.
  • Sal’s NBL Final Four – we have adjusted the schedule this weekend to have all games done by 4:30pm so everyone can go and support the Rams in person. This has meant a few duties before games when they would normally be after, so please check this carefully, and there are a few coach/players that will be needing to leave one venue early to get to their second responsibility (but have minimised these as much as possible)
  • FIBA World Cup – come to the 3X3.EXE Round Five games at Ara on Sunday (1:30pm – 3:30pm) and you can get a photo with the trophy (it’s very impressive – see Kobe Bryant holding it here)
  • Andrej Lemanis and Mick Downer Coaching Clinic – These two highly respected coaches are running a free coaches clinic on Friday – more information is available here
  • Player Eligibility: To play in a first round trophy game (e.g. Patron’s trophy) a player must have played in four games, or one third (rounded up) for their club – so any Minties and NC WP players need to have played four games already this season to be automatically eligible to play this week
  • New players in the regular season – these can only be added and play if they can still become playoff eligible in a team (by playing four or more games). Assuming your team does not have a bye, here are the latest possible dates new players need to take the court on, and must play each week onwards:
    • Men’s Premier – 20 July
    • Women’s Premier – 27 July
    • Men’s Division One – 4 August
    • Women’s Division One – 21 July
    • Men’s U23 – 27 July
    • Women’s U21 – 28 July
    • Men’s U20 A and Mid – 3 August
    • Men’s U20 Dev – 10 August
    • Women’s U18 – locked (30 June)
    • Boys’ U17 – locked (6 July)
    • Boys’ U15 – locked (6 July)
    • Girls’ U15 – locked (7 July)
    • Boys’ U13 – 27 July
  • All players who become playoff eligible in a lower grade in the development pathway may then play in the playoffs in the higher grade if needed (e.g. a MU23 player could play four games in the MU23 grade, and compete in the same club’s MP team in the playoffs, or regular season).


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