Wildcats Preseason Camp

With the WBC trials completed last week, the work as a team has just begun for the Wildcats

The Alloyfold Canterbury Wildcats  assembled in Christchurch on Friday night for a preseason basketball camp that wrapped up on Sunday when the team prepared and served dinner to family members who have supported them.


Head Coach Lori McDaniel was extremely pleased with the camp, and said “This weekend was an opportunity for  players and staff to interact in a variety of settings in order to establish team unity, familiarity with the variety of personalities, and look over our group as a whole.

“To everyone’s credit, I believe we were able to do this through a combination of stress, laughter, vomiting, and team work.”


Catchphrase became the de facto team game, with discussions underway about potentially having a season long internal championship with teams drafted. The excellent, though challenging, beach session at North Beach Surf Live Saving Club, run by Lifeguard (and Wolverines stalwart) Dean Le Warne definitely put the players through their paces with a lot less laughs than catchphrase.


Contracted Wildcat Tessa Boagni not only undertook every task, but also managed to document the weekend as well – which you can watch here!



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