U13 3X3 Festival – Everything You Need To Know

The U13 Metro players will finish off their basketball programme with a 3X3 Festival on Monday 11 October 2021 at Cowles Stadium. 

With the change last week to Sport NZ’s guidelines for events under Level Two, each player is now able to have two family members come to their games now (this was only one person previously). Spectators need to physically distance by at least one metre (except for those from the same household)

Other Notes:

  • Facemasks will be needed to be worn inside for all those aged 12 and over who are not competing
  • All gear that has been ordered will be available at Cowles Stadium after checking in
  • Jozsef will make teams once every player has checked in
  • Players need to bring a water bottle and a mouth guard
  • All players need to bring a reversible top OR a dark and a light top

Timetable for Monday 11 October 2021

Metro Group Four

  • Arrive 8:45am
  • Collect/Leave 11:20am

Metro Group Three

  • Arrive 11:40am
  • Collect/Leave 1:30pm

Metro Group Two

  • Arrive 2:35pm
  • Collect/Leave 4:25pm

Metro Group One

  • Arrive 4:45pm
  • Collect/Leave 6:35pm


If any further information is required, please contact Jozsef Molnar via jozsef@canterbury.basketball or 027 526 1753


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