2021 Winter Club Entry Update

We are heading towards the largest one-year jump in winter club teams this season, so its a good idea to make sure the team you are playing for is listed here!

As nearly all weekend basketball entries have now been received – please double check that your team’s details are correct. If not – please contact your club administrator to rectify with the CBA. All information below is accurate as of 5pm on Tuesday 6 April 2021.

The Boys’ Under 13 and Girl Under 13 grade entries are due by Thursday 29 April 2021, with their competition tipping off on May 22 and 30 (some clubs have already indicated what they will be entering, and these teams are included here now though).

The headings are:

  • Club (this includes the club that schools are affiliated with in U20 grades and above)
  • Entity Responsible (where invoices get sent, and payment comes from)
  • Grade (includes if an indication of preferred sub-grade given)
  • Team Name (if different to club)
  • Coach/Main contact (TBC listed if CBA still needs confirmed details sent)

The table below is sortable by each particular header, or can be filtered (so you can check if your club has the right teams entered; the right entity is responsible; or see how many teams have entered a particular grade). As of publication this table was only visible on a desktop, but is expected to be added later.

If you are on a mobile browser  to see all of the entries, you can download this pdf instead.


ClubEntity ResponsibleGradeTeam NameCoach/Main Contact
GatorsGatorsBU13Gators Green
GatorsGatorsBU13Gators Red
GatorsGatorsBU13Gators Green Dev
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU13LionsTBC
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU13TigersTBC
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU13 PumasTBC
CowlesCowlesBU13ABlackGlen Stevenson
GatorsGatorsBU13AHoromaka GatorsDave Langrell
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsBU13DLions DevelopmentRach Dawson
CowlesCowlesBU13DCowles Red DevDeme Ifopo-Togia
CowlesCowlesBU13DCowles Black DevPina Lissaman
CowlesCowlesBU13DCowles White DevDean Le Warne
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU13DBengalsTBC
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU13DJaguarsTBC
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU13DCheetahsTBC
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU15MaroonBen Buckendahl
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU15GoldYuma Kuwasaki
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU159ADevon Watson
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU159BLiam Golding
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15CBHS BJarred Mealings
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15CBHS Blue
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15CBHS Black
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15CBHS Gold
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15CBHS White
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU15NC BlackIain Doody
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU15NC WhiteTBC
Papanui HighPapanui HighBU15GreenOscar Hooper
PioneerPioneerBU15Pioneer BlueMatt Bilsbury
PioneerPioneerBU15Pioneer YellowLucas Rule
Rangiora HighRangiora HighBU15Cole Morgan
Rolleston CollegeRolleston CollegeBU15Cam Drewett
SelwynSelwynBU15Hawks BlueDean Serra
SelwynSelwynBU15Hawks RedRay Infantado
SelwynSelwynBU15Hawks Dev BlueFraser Malins
SelwynSelwynBU15Hawks Dev RedBrett Grieve
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU15Spartans BScott Edwards
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sBU15Cameron Wilson
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU15ATom Hughes
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU15BlackTaylor Willis
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU15RedClint Radovancich
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU15TBCTBC
St ThomasSt. ThomasBU15STC SaintsJoe Hammond
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU15 ASpartans AJohn Salkeld
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU15ACBHS ADean Towart
GatorsGatorsBU15A MG GatorsTrey Te Awa and Ah-Li Fenika
GatorsGatorsBU15A Gators RedDom Motchell and Ash Adamson
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsBU15DLions GoldLuke Rundle
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsBU15DLions WhiteLethan Heugh
GatorsGatorsBU15DGators White DevKenny Babajide and Jimmy Williamson
St ThomasSt. ThomasBU15DSTC BlueAJ Johnson
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsBU15UMLions PurpleJosh Poi
GatorsGatorsBU15UMRiccarton GatorsEnda Brennan
GatorsGatorsBU15UMHillmorton Tiger GatorsZacc Dwan
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU17MaroonJoe Hope-Powell
Cashmere HighCashmere HighBU17GoldCampbell Stewart
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU17CBHS BlueJulian Archer
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU17CBHS Black
Hagley CollegeHagley CollegeBU17John Salkeld
Kaiapoi HighKaiapoi HighBU17Simon Fairbrother
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyBU17Harry Skirrow
Papanui HighPapanui HighBU17BlueGlenn Hooper
Papanui HighPapanui HighBU17GreenSam Clark
PioneerPioneerBU17Pioneer BlueMatt Riches
PioneerPioneerBU17Pioneer YellowBailey Hickling
Rangiora HighRangiora HighBU17Mike Barrett
Rolleston CollegeRolleston CollegeBU17Gareth Costley
SelwynSelwynBU17Hawks ADean Paton
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU17Spartans BLucas Hill
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sBU17StAC WhiteCallum Bryan
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sBU17StAC BlueMason Whittaker and Jon DIsher
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU17AKelvin Fisher
St Bede'sSt Bede'sBU17DevGrant McKenzie
St ThomasSt. ThomasBU17STC SaintsDave Wong
St ThomasSt. ThomasBU17STC RedBrett Fynn
Shirley Boys' HighShirley Boys' HighBU17 ASpartans AFraser Costley
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU17 or MU20CBHS Gold
Christchurch Boys' HighChristchurch Boys' HighBU17ACBHS ANash Biggs
GatorsGatorsBU17AMG GatorsTrey Te Awa and Sam Tang
GatorsGatorsBU17ARiccarton GatorsCarlton Chitongo
GatorsGatorsBU17AGators RedAsh Adamson
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsBU17DNate Searle
GatorsGatorsBU17DWharenui Gators GreenJonte Britten and Dom Mitchell
SelwynSelwynBU17D Hawks DevJohn WIlltas
GatorsGatorsBU17LMGators WhiteJosh Nickel
Kaiapoi HighKaiapoi HighBU17MBlueJackson Lewis
Kaiapoi HighKaiapoi HighBU17MYellowMatt Cunninghame
Celebration LionsCelebration LionsGU13Matt Vernick
CheckersCheckersGU13CheckersBob Weatherford
GatorsGatorsGU13Gators Girls
HalswellHalswellGU13Nigel Buchanan
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyGU13NC WhiteJess Evers
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyGU13NC MaroonHolly Parish
CheckersCheckersGU16Lauren Cahill
GatorsGatorsGU16Gators GirlsAnna Spark and Donna Lavea
HalswellHalswellGU16Bree Hill
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyGU16NC BlackConnie Taylor
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyGU16NC MaroonGordon Wong
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyGU16NC WhiteMaya James
PioneerPioneerGU16Alice Clarkson
SelwynSelwynGU16Hawks Mahina Mullany
AtamiAtamiMD1Atami Casa de BanosRitchie Howell
GatorsGatorsMD1Gators RedZach Lilburne
GatorsGatorsMD1Gators GreenZach Lilburne
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyMD1NC BearsDaine Parata
PioneerPioneerMD1Pioneer BlueTom Falconer
PioneerPioneerMD1Pioneer WhiteJosh Potter
PioneerPioneerMD1Pioneer Yellow
WolverinesNathan JonesMD1BallazNathan Jones
WolverinesWolverinesMD1Wolverines BlueJamie Graham
WolverinesWolverinesMD1Wolverines Black
AtamiAtamiMen MWJeremy Phillips
AtamiAtamiMen MWCasa de BanosShaun Carter
CheckersCheckersMen MWCheckers WhiteKelvin Fisher
RoyalsRoyalsMen MWCathy Hyland
University Midweek MenUniversity Midweek MenMen MWJason Rivett
Midnight MaraudersMidnight MaraudersMen MWMidnight MaraudersScot Meek
AtamiAtamiMpremJames Dean
CheckersCheckersMpremCheckersMike Barnett
GatorsGatorsMpremGatorsZach Lilburne and Jack Williamson
PioneerPioneerMpremLori McDaniel
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyMpremPiet Van Hasselt
WolverinesAledMpremNino Ceasar Diaz
PioneerCashmere HighMU20MaroonSeddon Smith and Ben Constable
PioneerCashmere HighMU20Gold
CheckersCheckersMU20Checkers Black TBC
CheckersCheckersMU20Checkers Pap Old BoysBob Weatherford
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyMU20NC BlackMike Barrett
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyMU20NC MaroonTroy Lipsham
PioneerPioneerMU20Pioneer BlueThomas Manley
PioneerPioneerMU20Pioneer YellowTBC
SelwynSelwynMU20HawksMark Bolton
AtamiShirley Boys' HighMU20Atami SpartansJamie Graham
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sMU20StAC Senior WhiteScott Baker
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sMU20StAC Senior BlueMo Corkery
PioneerSt. ThomasMU20STC PacersJoe Hammond
CheckersCheckersMU20ACheckers AGavin Kilgour
GatorsGatorsMU20AGators RedBobby Morris
GatorsGatorsMU20AGators Green George Klomp
GatorsGatorsMU20AGators WhiteBennie Williams
CheckersSt Bede'sMU20A St Bede's CheckersGrant Ven
GatorsGatorsMU20DGators DevelopmentCasey McWilliams
AtamiAtamiMU23Fraser Costley
CheckersCheckersMU23CheckersKelvin Fisher
PioneerPioneerMU23Pioneer BlueNick Erwood
PioneerPioneerMU23Pioneer YellowJamie Day
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyMU23APiet Van Hasselt
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyMU23BAndrei Labradores
WolverinesAledMU23Aled Jones
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyMU23 DJacob Cromb
GatorsGatorsMU23AGreenZach Lilburne
GatorsGatorsMU23ARedAmosa Faitaua-Nanai and Bobby Morris
GatorsGatorsMU23DGators WhiteAsh Adamson
HalswellHalswellWD1RedJess Baker
HalswellHalswellWD1GreenSarah Corkery
MintiesMintiesWD1Sarah Mason
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyWD1UC GoldJemma Rotch
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyWD1UC MaroonJemma Rotch
CheckersCheckersWomen MWCheckersMaryann Bell
CYACYAWomen MWCarmel Gunn
RoyalsRoyalsWomen MWCathy Hyland
HalswellHalswellWomen MWBarbara Smith
PioneerPioneerWomen MWPumasKatrina Roberts
PioneerPioneerWomen MWPacersJackie Robinson
PioneerPioneerWomen MWStormConnie Dick
North Canterbury North CanterburyWomen MWNC LynxGeorge Robinson
University of CanterburyUniversity of CanterburyWpremRussell McCormack
WolverinesAledWpremWade Parata
Cashmere HighCashmere HighWU19Dave Harrison
CheckersCheckersWU19Paul Isitt
North CanterburyNorth CanterburyWU19Gordon Wong
St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew'sWU19StAC Senior B Rosanna Katene


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