Have You Registered Yet To Play in 2023?

With our weekend basketball season starting this month, now is the time to make sure you are registered and ready to play in game one!

Each of our clubs and schools that have entered teams in our 2023 competitions have got an individual link to their registration page on our portal: canterbury.basketball/register.

To be sure you will be allowed to take the court on game one, you MUST be registered and assigned into your team. (Registration is an individual’s responsibility, assigning players into teams is the club’s or school’s).

A reminder – your username and password also gives you access to the BBNZ member portal (to see your basketball history): members.nz.basketball

Jump on and see how easy it is to get registered for the upcoming CBA Winter Club Season



  • You will need to verify your email address the first time you register, before being able to register to your club/school
  • You can use the same log in password and email address for all BBNZ affiliated competitions (i.e. a player could register for their school; and/or Association for Representative Basketball to play in BBNZ tournaments; school to play in CBA competitions; and a club that plays in CBA competitions)
  • Your personal details will be saved each time you register to a club or team, so you don’t have to re-enter your information every time
  • All games that are recorded on Glory League will have the video sent to the email address you registered with
  • Early notification of basketball camps and competitions in your area
  • CBA and BBNZ community updates via email
  • Your own member portal to see your personal basketball history (this site can also be used to update any details): members.nz.basketball

Once you have been registered correctly, your club/school administrator will be able to assign you into your team(s).

If the entity you wish to register with is not listed above, you can use the following link which has a drop down menu of all active clubs and schools. (You may need to update any club specific information later on to with them). CBA Generic Registration Link

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